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Will be interested in how they age and stretch out mainly. Keep us updated.   Which denim is that?
Need Supply, UO or FilsonGuy on this forum.
Why so much Reddit hate? MFA is a great place for beginner to intermediate information/help/discussion on streetwear. The sidebar is superb for information and help.
Practical Thoughts on Coherent Combinations for Beginners   Reddit MFA has some businesswear guides.   As others have mentioned, the WAYWT thread.
Email and find out ;)
Grey or blue, that's the question!
http://putthison.com/post/43086600593/how-about-some-vintage-florsheims-florsheim-may   Put This On had something on vintage Florsheim's.
Unlined is warm enough for Australian (not sure what state you're in) winters?
What style/material/lining? Thoughts on the quality? They look great.
Anyone have experience with the quality of the Kamakura ties, especially the grenadine options? $70 is quite a nice price if the quality is there.
New Posts  All Forums: