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I mean that style or something similar (slightly, but not too "technical") at approximately that price.
What other options would you think of?
I am searching for a cheap jacket to wear casually, especially for cycling and travelling. On my search saw this jacket on YOOX. What do you think about it?
Where can I find inexpensive plain fabric belts with a military buckle or D-rings in Europe?
How is a dressing gown supposed to be worn? What is supposed to be worn underneath a dressing gown?
I think that high-rise trousers are not incompatible with a slim cut. Slim-fitting trousers worn at or above the natural waist were pretty standard during the 19th century.
Quite a few Muslim women are considerably oppressed by patriarchy. Do you think that's good?   There is a considerable difference between women working for Hooters and women working for Donald Trump. The former are required to look sexually attractive. The latter are required to look professional. As I have stated in my former post, I see no good reason why skirts should be more professional than trousers.   Regarding the article "Why I wear skirts all the time": While...
You could wear white shoes with black trousers.
If you support traditional business attire, casual fridays can be considered a hypocrisy. Additionally, I think the reason why women aren't allowed to wear trousers can only be conservativism with a sexist undertone (distinct from wanting one's staff to look professional). After all, long trousers (if they aren't especially slim) are more modest than a skirt, assuming the skirt isn't ankle-length or longer. While a skirt is more traditional for women's business attire...
While I appreciate many of the infographics, some others in this thread are rather problematic. As infographics don't elaborate on their respective topics, there is often a confusion between facts, guidelines and trends. EDIT: I meant facts, not rules. By the way, this infographic confuses Frankenstein with the monster he created. Which uniform? Plain-toed oxfords are at least as formal as cap-toed oxfords. "U-tips" (apron-toed derbies) are less formal than plain-toed...
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