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Hey guys, I'm looking for some boots. I'm looking for something I can wear day to day, and out to bars and clubs. I want to keep it under $300. I'm 20 and my style is preppy + urban/hippie.   These caught my...
Ok thank you very much guys. So are brown shoes considered sort of fashion forward?
Hey guys, I'm a college student at a top 10 Business school and I have to get a suit this year for career fairs/speeches/interviews/internships and such. The only suits I have are a black one and a navy one I got from Men's wearhouse for around $200 each, and they honestly look like shit.   I am thinking of getting a charcoal one because it seems very versatile and I think I look good in charcoal.   I saw a suit thread, but there were so many brands that I...
anyone at least know what those style of boots are called or a company that makes that style?!   Disregard the content of the video, unless it interests you lol. But I love those boots.    I'm not asking for the exact brand(although that would be awesome), but I just want to know if you guys know where to get something similar to those and what they would be called?   Helps if you watch the video in HD as well.        
thank you very much for that link. so many awesome pictures.
Ok guys, so I just ordered an Omega Speed master.  The manual winding one with the clear back.   Anyways, I'm not a big fan of the SS brace. It's ok, but I was thinking of a brown leather strap for a more casual look and less sporty. My style is hippie meets preppy if that helps.   Any suggestions?  Thanks!
Update:  I just realized I have $1700 in my paypal from selling my gold on my runescape account from like a year ago. LOL i totally forgot about that and I never used paypal until that watches site told me to pay with it. So i guess my budget "could" be a little higher =)
Hey guys, I'm 20 and will be getting my first real watch. My style is banana republic mixed with urban outfitters with some asian jazz in there as well. (I'm asian) I'm a college student and would like to keep this under $100.   I never thought I would ever wear a watch again, but this summer I will not be able to have a phone due to my internship and watches do look pretty sweet too.   So I know nothing about watches.  My last watch was a tiny blue digital...
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