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So, i've lost about 70 lbs in the past 5 months or so. I was a 44, and very happy to get to bust out the "real wardrobe" of 42S in all its glory. However, I have now passed the point where a 42S is necessary and would be interested in anyone looking to trade 41 and/or 40s SC suits, basically portions of both our wardrobes. I presume we would wear other clothing items in approximately the same size. 
Gotcha Spoo. You know I've never posted anything like that to the thread before, my... indignation got to me. Also, to be fair I feel as if someone holds your funds for weeks, and delivers nothing... that may be pertinent info for other thrift thread/SF'ers in general. From here on out PM it is baby! You know me, im not out to ruffle any feathers, nor mess up your thrift!
I Sincerely apologize to all of you for derailing the thread, with one notable exception. I tried my best to mix it up, check out that oxxford sweetness I snagged last weekend!
In other news, if you like dirty, nasty, drag your nuts on the floor blazers My pics are getting distorted, my bad. Mega recent (well new tag anyway) oxxford 6x2 DB with peak lapel and dual vents. Obv thr buttons are obv all the Crest... 42R avaliable ish, sold to a friend for 125,but if anyone wants it more, we can work something out
Gimme a little. Leeway for not having slept yet and being on phone
Clever wordplay is always appreciated.
A) it's spelled and pronounced jovialB) you clearly don't know dick about thr law, if I retain local counsel, I don't have to go Anywhere physically, unless we get in a depo or something (knowing you that transcript would be GOLD). A lesson in semantics, local counsel would generally imply that I would work with an attorney LOCAL to your area.C) I'M SO HAPPY THAT YOU WERE GOING TO GIVE ME MY GOD DAMN money back, almost a month later... BUT FOR me bringing this up. Now...
Yes very wrong, corrected. (also not sure if trolling because of my clear and present vitriol)
You were the most polarizing poster on hear for... Forever my point being, we had no cross words or issues at all
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