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I think a few of us here are pretty good about posting new sale events/codes before they hit website like "retailmenot".  Waiting for a last-item is always a risk, I generally see how much I need the item, sure I have missed out on some nice things but in the end, most of what i buy on Yoox are luxe items instead of true necessities.  I do have to say that most of the regretfully-purchased items tend to be full price things that i snatched up quickly but do not wear on a...
a few items from my dreambox dropped in price, mostly 10-15%. they are still way more expensive than the market value. i wish they would have a coupon on top of it; it is after all, last season merchandise. some of them are even more expensive than current season items, ridiculous!
agree. bunch of crap with crappy discounts. 
it worked 2 nights ago, i think it is expired?  
i would hit it friday early morning, although the preview looks terrible, the items were basically exactly the same price (without the additional 10%) from the coupons.  it is basically your last shot to the stuff until they put it back on the website at full price next SS.
15% off is only good on limited item until Oct 4th. Nothing spectacular. 
got an email about s-s item last call, better get those last pieces, looks like they will pull them shortly. also, i noticed that the promotional sale-clearance prices are not that good, most items are only 30-50% off, why don´t they sell them cheap and get rid of them?
I was just letting everyone know about the promotion, how insecure can you be?
20% off ALL purchases plus free standard delivery using personal code until 9-23.
mine takes usually 5 business days door to door and I live in the US. I think this is pretty darn good considering it usually makes it from italy to germany, to NJ then to the midwest...
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