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none of my stuff came back to my dreambox... it's a conspiracy theory! 
Yoox selling fakes, I believe it.  There is one or two items of Jacob Cohen that I am really not certain are authentic.  They probably acquire leftovers from stores without really questioning if the source is trust worthy or not, worse yet, I hope they do not mass things directly from China/Hongkong, you can count on 95% fakes from that region. 
Who put those pictures on the yoox web- did they not realize this is a men in a women's (suit)cut?
Yoox has not given me a hard time about returning orders, knock on wood.  Some of the item in sample sales are ridiculous... couple hundred dollar for a non-refundable item? with not much of a description??? They should do better than that if they want to move items and keep their cost of their warehouse rental down.
some items dropped 5-10 bucks from my dreambox...
Is it possible to order an item on Yoox that is available in one of the europe website but not in US? It's all from the same warehouse in italy I presume...
if i work for yoox i would suggest to them to unleash a 15-20% coupon to boost consumer spending BEFORE the thanksgiving crunch. after mid november people buy less for themselves and more for gifts.
i wouldn't sweat it, most likely they removed only the items that were affected (hence all the stuff disappeared from dreambox). and if there is minor damage maybe you can ask for a deeper discount by calling their customer service...
not sure what the deal with their warehouse. I have not received an item i placed an order a week ago, i hope it arrives soon. i noticed too that several things were not available from my dreambox, but i do not see any deals anywhere.  i would keep an eye out, they may come back at a later time.
was informed by gf, she found some items in the women's section for a brand comptoir des cotonniers that have the same items this season for 20-30 bucks more than the current website.
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