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it did not work for me.
not a single item (from fall/winter) in my dreambox has dropped in price
Ready for the next code, any one have any?
I return fairly frequently and have not had any problem so far with my superstar status.  I think after the first round they tightened their belt so to speak- so the invitation may be less all around.  It would not hurt to call and if you get a helpful representative they may further your case. 
seriously though, any new codes coming soon? preferably 15% off with FS?
lovedreambox code does not work for US, at least not today.   I have two packages that were ordered on 12/28, they have been sitting in the US custom office waiting for clearance, one was cleared on 1/4, then it went for further review on 1/6 and neither have been released. Has this ever happened to anyone? how long of a wait are we talking about? I've never had this happen before.
Purchased a coat with a ripped pocket on one side, and recently a wallet I ordered COMPLETELY different than the one shown (wrong style, wrong color, wrong material).  They should at least verify with the pictures... I have never honestly had so much problem with any other online site.
i got invited the 3rd year, hadn't make that much purchase then, maybe 1K max, but didn't not make a whole lot of returns.  I think the rules have probably changed over time. They will notify you when your SS account is activated.  
agreed with MedWed, i rarely purchase an item from the private room because items are definitely more upscale and out of my range. i have noticed occasionally when an item does become mass-available, they raise the price even more, ridiculous! the superstar discounts are no more than 15% off, and it only happened like 2-3 times this past year, not a biggie unless you just have to snatch something off your dream box.  they could do more, much more.
I got reimburstment only when it is purchased within 24 hours of the sale.
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