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I have a theory on the increase in price- Yoox just started operating their site in China this past year; they know they've tapped into a Gold mine in terms of sales there, believe it or not the newly rich in that part of the world are willing to pay A LOT MORE than the western hemisphere for luxury goods.  (if you don't believe me, take a good look at the streets or the cars in Shanghai); people walk into car dealerships with backpack full of cash buying bentley and...
Best revolt is to hold all purchases until they drop their prices. 
25% discount on F/W item with superstar code- very tricky yoox, first they raise the price of average item by about 25%, then they give you an advanced discount; i'm not falling for it.  they should have something like a 50% off sample sale to clean up their messy warehouse.  
You would have to wait until you are upgrade to "superstar" status, it took me about 2 years; as long as you make regular purchases and not too many returns, you will get there eventually.
20% off plus free shipping for superstars!  
probably 13% off and free shipping would be my guess, based on their history. 
I miss those 15% + free shipping any order coupons... would definitely clean out my sale items.
Anyone knows when does the first round of price drop for S&S collection take place? Some of the items are just too overpriced, even with a 15% coupon...
same here (express shipping); unfortunately the color of the item is NOTHING like it was online (or as described); they are paying shipping back.
Yoox has eaten a huge hole in my change last year.  Personally I am implementing the following defense measures   1. Stop adding things to my dream box; keep the total to 10-15 items. 2. Stop checking the site on a daily basis 3. Stop purchasing any full price item 4. Stop looking at blogs like the Sartorialist.
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