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free shipping code works; saturday10 does not.
does anyone know if seasonal sale (not sample sale) ever go to 85% off (further drop)?  just wondering when they will begin pulling sale items.  thanks!
This only works for UK. 
any further discounts on ss items? hoping to pull the trigger on just a few more items in my dream box.
after a while you get a hang of things that more people want and you learn to spot a deal early; other things you know will be there for a while you learn to let sit. it's hard to explain, just instinct you develop over time.
I prefer those 15% off with free shipping coupons.  I notice many summer items in my dream box still have not dropped below 50%.  I am also getting a better hang of which items to grab early and which ones to leave in longer- 
they first populate the "final sale" or "sample sale" where there is NO RETURNS, then they go back to the regular stock for next year.  One item I saw even went back in the very next season, more than the original price.  Yoox should have a $10 weekend sale where they clean out these revolving items.  
I've pretty much stopped shopping at local department store after I discovered Yoox. Since it is not offering such terrific price as it did, I simply scale back on spending and the number of articles I purchase.  I think of it as wardrobe editing. 
it is limited edition for whatever reason.
I have a theory on the increase in price- Yoox just started operating their site in China this past year; they know they've tapped into a Gold mine in terms of sales there, believe it or not the newly rich in that part of the world are willing to pay A LOT MORE than the western hemisphere for luxury goods.  (if you don't believe me, take a good look at the streets or the cars in Shanghai); people walk into car dealerships with backpack full of cash buying bentley and...
New Posts  All Forums: