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I just got my hand on a thick Kiton cashmere sweater, the quality (material, construction) is FAR superior than all of my brunello cucinelli and Loro Piana, combined. The hand finished details are beyond comparison.   Additionally, I might add, some of the recent cucinelli cashmere pieces are more rough than so historically. I have one Cucinelli piece that is marginally better than JCrew- which is quite sad.
this may be an old question: i see an item I like (which is in full price), the exact same item (same color and fabric) in a different size is marked down from last season; does any one know if I contact customer service they may be able to do some kind of price adjustment?
sorry to say, nothing in my dreambox dropped price- 60% might as well be a big fat lie; 
15% off and free shipping on all orders with personal code. there's also a decent selection of newer merchandize in private viewing room- from this past season I believe.  Anyone has experience with cashmere sweater by Battaglia?
Ssyooxfree works. Thanks
I just scored a thick cruciani cashmere zip cardigan off ebay for $50, like-new condition- it is very nice; good craftsmanship, it retains shape, non-itch and does not pill
If you really want something from sample/final sale, I would say go ahead and get it; if you need to return it, try to find an excuse like "color, size material not as described", I've had luck bypassing the no return rule when I called customer service before.
try calling next time; 
they usually charge more for the same item in US in comparison to europe; i've seen it up to 30-50% more. 
Anyone heard of the brand BLOCKINDUSTRIE? I only see items for sale on yoox, did a google search nothing came up. thanks!
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