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I was going to ping you about your DiNocera goods a week or two ago after reading the 'other' Napoli thread and all the barbs thrown hither and thither. Also, to again apologize for our snafu re: Napoli. I still feel quite awful about it. Anyway, I look forward to the pics of your suit and your discount disclosure, regardless of whether it was solicited or not, is the action of a proper gentleman.. Others should be so above board in these fora. Also, because I assume...
Excellent condition Corneliani Linea Sartoria(their top shelf line) Super 100s Charcoal Pinstripe suit. This can be used for the office or special occasions. The tag is 52R though it is cut slim and will do possibly for a 40R. 2 button jacket. There is no apparent wear to the fabric..It looks hardly used and will give years of satisfaction. Non functional cuffs. Price is shipped CONUS. $190 $165 SOLD Measurements: Shoulder, seam to seam: 18.7" Length BOC: ...
Indeed, they stuffed me into a 50 as a guess and approved. Skin like, indeed, in the chest.I wonder what size I am now with my incredible mass up?I cannot recall a Cifo on someone who is very misshapen or extremely portly. I think the short and tight style of today is not so great for some bodies but Cifo should do a spot on job no matter the client. At least i would expect so.
Might be able to proxy for you.
Only commenting on your final fit and have not seen any earlier versions.Pics not the best for gauging fit with your modeling and all. Nevertheless... Possibly a touch short if you don't want to be so au courant but length is acceptable and would be more so if the quarters weren't so open or that might be a byproduct of your stance. The shoulders are too wide for me by as well. I think this is bothering me the most. And I like a bit of cuff so are your sleeves too long,...
Lot of Dress Shirts.Prefer to sell as a group and be done with it but will entertain interest in fewer items. I might have to rearrange the descriptions to match the order of the pics but you can probably figure out which is which beforehand. All are approximately the same size 16/16.5 and 35 sleeve(even if marked 34 they are long) except the silk Gucci which is a 43Euro more like a 17. 1.Polo Ralph Lauren Pink Oxford. Excellent Condition 2.Polo RL Blue/White stripe...
Size 13US, rubber sole, a pseudo distressed look to the shoe,very good condition only worn a handful of times. Includes box No shoe trees. $25 plus shipping.
1.Theory Made in Italy Black with light gray pinstripe,Size 44L,100% Wool. Shoulder 19.25" Length BOC 32" Sleeve ~26" 2.Theory Burgundy Velvet(100% Cotton) with Pinstripe in a Smoking Jacket style, 44L. Shoulder 19.25" Length 31.25" Sleeve ~25.75" Both shipped CONUS for $75 Paypal Personal or possible pickup in NYC.
Indeed you are now truly reaching for maximum wisdom. Yes, you do need black captoes.I will ignore the statement about your lack of fandom. And at two pairs, I will say that is enough to qualify.Do you wear boots and if so also non black?RD is going to get a wish list from me. If I had known he buys members shoes I might have posted and lurked 10x as much in the fora.
You can use me and save yourself a few quid for your ad. Perhaps some clothing in return, haha.The dinner suit(in the ad or mock up) looks very nice.
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