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Fantastic new with basting, Stile Latino by Attolini 2pc Suit in a versatile, beatuiful Charcoal Herringbone weave. True spalla camicia on this one. Soft, unpadded with sleeve shirring. Double vented. 3 roll 2 button jacket that is quarter lined. Trousers are flat front, low rise with button up fly. (I do really like the style of these) It does not fit its intended master so it is to be sold to a new , lucky owner. Excellent, affordable way to some great Neopolitan...
Why don't you just show the link to each? Attolini has 2 cuts, currently. They are mostly similar though. Guessing without even a look, they are the same unless it is completely obvious they are not from pics.
Those measurements are surely not for your usual 40R. Even without them you can clearly see in the picture that this is for someone with a long torso.
Ha, you have revealed your true self. I have the only explanation for all of this. AmericanGent == THE Compulsive Liar!
Nice one.I like the color quite a bit as well.
Very nice. I wonder if it would look proper on myself. Anyway, since I have praised and thanked Nutcracker before for his excellent contributions(all deserved), I must do the same for you BespokeMakers.
A few ties for your pleasure. 2. Charvet Place Vendome - Green Silk with Red and subtle Blue Dots. Good condition 3. Yves Saint Laurent YSL - Red Silk with Chain link pattern. Good Condition 4. Kenneth Cole - Blue with White Line wide Cross hatch pattern. One side of label stitching loose but OK otherwise . PM with inquires.
WTF is going on in this thread?
Sorry to correct your English ,Marco, but it is 'Mafoofame'.JRD: Summary would be everyone accusing the other of being a shill, fraud, liar and promoting rubbish tailors in Napoli. Along those lines.That is all you get you lazy SOB.
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