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Agree they are bowing a bit though he could have a relatively large chest they should not pop off the way they do.Or perhaps it is the way in which the waist is suppressed. Too high and the curve becomes too much, too soon.
Do not love it, either but I never care for the look of any Topy. Not sure if that is a dumb stance to take given it is the sole but I cannot get it out of my brain that it looks that way even when pressed on the concrete.
For RTW, yes, they will do more manually intensive alterations than just adjust the sleeve length and pant waist and nip the jacket, etc. Rotate the sleeves, recut the seat of the pants or whatever which is still doable by alteration but is more than the usual. How this turns out, I cannot promise you but the fact that they will do it, willingly(not sure how far they go if you do not know any better). If they know you know, they will go as far as possible. Of course, the...
Another fine post, Nutcracker. So, if things turn up for me and I get back to Japan sometime soon you have been nominated to take the trip out to Kobe and Il Quadri with me, haha. Out of curiosity are there wallets available? Cheers
Shouldn't the teardrop pocket now be for the purpose of fitting your iGlasses? Glasses, phone, these are relics.
$125 for you trouble? That is certainly not friendly, community pricing. I would have walked on that deal just on principle. Not that you aren't entitled to ask for whatever you so choose. But good SF samaritan, no. Also, that would make them $675. Seems to me you were a bit sore about the price you paid and wanted to make back most of the difference which I completely understand. That 'too early to the sale party' is obnoxious. $125 for your 'trouble' and you were back...
What if you pushed his bottonhole?
Shirt, tie, no jacket? Suspenders? Never. Sorry, mate, but that is an awful idea. There is no perfect solution to your problem with all of these constraints. Of course, I am on the side of straightening your fiance out but there seemed to be some decent possibilities for awhile even given that you would rather cater to all of her whims. Now, there is no hope.
Anyone with experience sending to foreign US military bases? I have an offer for a suit from a buyer stationed in one (too low but I did not counter because of the location) and I have just recently sold to another buyer from one(maybe even same base)) but that original shipment has had NO updated tracking in 12 days. The whole 'same as sending within US' is bullocks. If it were, there would be no customs and while the USPS is bad enough at doing the job within the country...
Nothing wrong with Drake's ties at all. Just that if you need X somewhat different ties with various constraints I think you should allow for other brands so you do not drive yourself mad because you are find them all by the same maker. I am not one for black in ties(or possibly as a very small accent within a pattern but even so) as I am against black suits as well. In your case, given you are not even wearing black shoes, my objection would be even louder. I prefer the...
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