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Question for anyone with experience or advice. Sold a woman's belt. Buyer paid 2nd day with instant payment(not sure how that works). Address was paypal verified, shipped it off the next day(payment was late at night). Tracking shows went out for delivery, BUSINESS OUT OF BUSINESS NOTICE LEFT. Not sure if they will send it back or what. I checked out the receipt and see buyer is NON US verified(address in California). If the item is returned by USPS do I contact and...
Actually, you did ask about an aspect of your shopping pattern, ie. Cucinelli at 1500USD. That was, in essence, your question.It is clearly not as good as Attolini and for me(most on SF), nothing to be happy about purchasing at 1500.And as far as answering points outside of your direct question, yes, I did and that was not necessary but when you lack logic or rationale it makes the question fuzzy because one or a few of many factors is off.And that does needle me more than...
Nutcracker, Is that suit in the first picture from your Real Bespoke post from Hitsujiya? Thank you, sir.
Was it so hard to figure that the implication was:if you buy Attolini and RLPL at something near full price why would you bother with Cucinelli at 1500?
Mactire, if you check out Frittolini's site, I believe there are some pricing guidelines there not that Levantine is incorrect. I thought someone on SF was going to Frittolini for the first time, recently, but that might have been from off SF. Poorsod will divulge whenever his appointment comes off, I'm sure.
You buy RLPL and Attolini but now are considering a Cucinelli? That is and makes little sense to put it mildly. 1500 is not a small number for RTW if you are a real shopper but in that case you do not care about cost and would not be lurking here asking about it. I have implicitly answered one of your questions without the intent to do so.
He had not been to Atto hq at the time so perhaps now he is better versed if he finally made the trip.6k USD was that a cashmere(well, cash/wool) jacket?I had tried one on and if I recall that price seems about the same(though I am a bit fuzzy on it) but for more usual straight wool it sounds quite high.Whether money is an object or not, the prices are quite outrageous for non bespoke. Agree about the last little bit, sometimes it makes a difference and sometimes it does...
Agree they are bowing a bit though he could have a relatively large chest they should not pop off the way they do.Or perhaps it is the way in which the waist is suppressed. Too high and the curve becomes too much, too soon.
Do not love it, either but I never care for the look of any Topy. Not sure if that is a dumb stance to take given it is the sole but I cannot get it out of my brain that it looks that way even when pressed on the concrete.
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