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You can make a visit to Hong Kong if you have some free time across a weekend. Flight isn't too bad. Granted throw in the cost of one and that does not help you save money depending on your price targets but there are many options for you to choose from at least, seemingly more than in Singapore.
If anyone is interested, the A Lange boutique in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong has a Grand Lange 1 LUMEN available.
Yes, pricing would be of interest. Wish I knew about Okuyama-san when I was in HK for awhile. Some of those examples have an especially understated elegance that you notice if you know. Much appreciated by those who go for this type of excellence. Very nice. Another cracker of a post, Nutcracker.
That is no feather in the Cifo hat if taken from the perspective of decency and class. Not that I blame them for taking his order. Maybe it is just that. I hope it is not a harbinger of things to come. Will he also have the commission for the suit of the divorce proceedings? If that ia a 4yr old family member or friend(or pseudo client favor), fine, but if that is just some wealthy person's order at full price then what a bloody idiot. Again, not that they shouldn't take...
Follow up, it states Order Status: CANCELLED in paypal, wtf? Has an issue refund link next to it. Is this some foreigner scamming? Says non US Verified. I want to wait for item to be returned or at least know USPS is returning it before refunding. Is that the proper action? Thanks for any thoughts.
Question for anyone with experience or advice. Sold a woman's belt. Buyer paid 2nd day with instant payment(not sure how that works). Address was paypal verified, shipped it off the next day(payment was late at night). Tracking shows went out for delivery, BUSINESS OUT OF BUSINESS NOTICE LEFT. Not sure if they will send it back or what. I checked out the receipt and see buyer is NON US verified(address in California). If the item is returned by USPS do I contact and...
Actually, you did ask about an aspect of your shopping pattern, ie. Cucinelli at 1500USD. That was, in essence, your question.It is clearly not as good as Attolini and for me(most on SF), nothing to be happy about purchasing at 1500.And as far as answering points outside of your direct question, yes, I did and that was not necessary but when you lack logic or rationale it makes the question fuzzy because one or a few of many factors is off.And that does needle me more than...
Nutcracker, Is that suit in the first picture from your Real Bespoke post from Hitsujiya? Thank you, sir.
Was it so hard to figure that the implication was:if you buy Attolini and RLPL at something near full price why would you bother with Cucinelli at 1500?
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