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OP could have been more discreet. No reason to mention the tailor of the original shirt. Just ask for a 'good, cheap tailor to copy a shirt' or something to that effect. While I do not find the request untoward(Cleric?) it is just unnecessary to bring up the Cego name as Carl seems a decent fellow(I am not a client) and does not need to know about this. But #3 on that list is great.
Sanctions, mate, sanctions.
Marcodalondra, Really? Some statement from you. Well, I am sending a proxy to try it on his next foray into town. And using Greekos verbage just makes it closer to my heart. Not that I would care if the pizza is rubbish.
Taking offers. It is ecard so I just send you the code and you are off with it.
If you have to catch the local train from Rome to Naples you will not think much of the system. Much like pents not delivered for 2 years or ever. It is excellent pizza at Sorbillo(though not the bestest best) and it is amazing the price and makes me a bit angry at the nonsense prices charged around the world for the same. I get the importing costs, etc. but often they are using fior di latte around the world so this 'reason' goes out the window. And as AlexSF states the...
complimenti, really dear.
They are air shirts, why are you peeved? As some SF members have stated, you must know the customs of certain countries regarding their business practices so if you wait 2 or 6 or infinite months for your goods, that is a common standard and perfectly acceptable.
I was about to chime in with gloves but that is a bit dicey. There was a cool looking silver shop but I do not know if they have larger items for the home as it was closed and I never went back. Address in one of pics. Behind Museo di Bargello somewhere.
I was probably not clear so inserting a horrible pic. The photoshop pro skills do not come out with the tools at my disposal. Red line is about the bottom of your butt/rear/bum/whatever. The green is the crease that extends to high. Crease should fade out towards top of leg only. I would eliminate that first to see if the material falls a bit differently. Nothing to do with waistband at this point. But for now, the blue triangle highlighted is about the same puffy...
I am no tailoring expert but is that linen? I think the crease in the back is going up almost to your belt which might throw it off a bit. Perhaps eliminate that and see how it is. Maybe you will feel the same way still. Looks like a bit extra material basically where the bottom of your butt meeting the leg. One of the expert tailors would know much better if the seat seam is the key. Don't fret too much, looking good in that outfit as is.
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