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Why would you want a definitive answer when you can speculate and argue without one and thus never be proven wrong? Then again, many people do not accept anything as 'proof' against their stand so perhaps this does not matter.
Obviously, you are unaware of the peak of sartorial splendor. Showing sock with a 10cm cuff is the pinnacle of SF(and elsewhere) approved pant length.
Well,you certainly have some musculature to you.Glad you are not another one of the liars speaking about their ';athletic' build.And agreed about your shoulders pitching forward even from first pics. Still would like to see narrower shoulder jacket on you. Just a more perpendicular drop of the armhole would help as I said before. I just think you are creating too much of a top heavy look. Note, I have somewhat similar issues. Here is a crude pic with juvenile painting(only...
Thought: You are not an RLBL man.
Why do I not have a 10 day option for an auction listing? Just lists 1,3,5, 7. I used it once before. I don't have a bad record or anything. Anyone explain the rationale if it i just me?
Which mess is that? If someone ends the one that demonstrates that cuffs half the length of your tibia, that barely kiss any molecule of your shoe and have a bit of sock showing while standing, I would be grateful. It is especially a brilliant idea when you are short and/or stocky, portly, round, pear shaped, etc. ie. when you don't have what anyone would deem an ideal physique. Rendering the illusion that you are MORE short, stock, poorly proportioned, tubby, etc. than...
Are you sure the shoulders will not fit if you go down? I think the front pic looks like it was taken with the camera angled downward so that accentuates the issues I see.Overall, the jacket just looks too large. The pic from the back is better however. Still, jacket is long even for a classic length, I just do not think the proportion is good for you.And I don't know if there has been a discussion by some of the resident experts of where the shoulder seam should sit,...
I'm messaging my Jeeves, right now. He is late with my high tea. And, hopefully, not ruining my suits. Jefferyd, you are throwing many a large stick into the spokes of bicycles passing by. So, does any tailor not do this? Perhaps we should start from that end since it would seem shorter. Honestly, I cannot even tell what I am looking at in the Caraceni pic. Carnage. Given their prices, ouch. Also, jefferyd, I just checked your blog out(had done so before but not for...
What is it with the black ties? And brown shoes with it? Yowza. Mr. Eng, you really need to tighten up the ask for dinner. "Where should I eat in NYC?" is a very lazy question.
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