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Seal? No. I am over myself enough to get on without it. Pigs are great. But you can use more than the pelts. It is not that I am some insane militant vegan or the like.I think they are idiotic, really. I have no issue eating pork. Dog? That is nasty. Same for cats and I do not particularly like cats. Human greed unrestrained is awful. There need be a limit to everything. Honestly, it is humans that need to be pared down. 7B+ going strong yet so many are pure misery. I...
^^^^Find cuffs that are somewhat narrow so they will only fall down to a certain point and are stopped by the width of your hand no matter the slack in the sleeve. RTW seems to make most cuffs too large. For aesthetics, narrower is better also. But why would you go from 32/33 to 34/35 rather than just 34 if possible? Also, every shirt is different in sizing for stated measurements. Try and try on again. This all assumes not having the sleeve made to your measurements, of...
The trivial, limitless greed and lack of regard for anything beyond one's immediate gratification on display is appalling. Disgusting.
Au naturale.
Sold a small value item. Buyer didn't pay and gave me the following, paraphrased: 'Problem with Bank of America account, get disability check on 22nd hope you will let me pay then.Will do so immediately.' Guy has positive fb as a buyer, many. I actually have received the same bs tha BAC account was suspended from an SF member who is just a troll and wasted my time. Difference being the SF bloke just never got back to me which I knew after I went over so much info back...
Actually, it's DWADE.
That seems a bit much to ask. If you really want all the fine details plus the minutia of perfect fit, etc. being done and done within a week seems at odds with it. That said, they might be amenable but even with best intentions, having the work done on the quick and just not having a bit of time to to view the fit with a refreshed eye might hurt the final product. Would you at least be able to have a final fitting when the suit is completed with them? Or would you have...
SAKS card is from Amex and the PIN has not been scratched off on the back yet. I scratched off from the Bloomingdales card to read the PIN and learn the balance($45). $125 for both. Will be sent in standard envelope in US. Elsewhere, actual cost would be added or if you prefer another method in the US. Possibly will consider a trade. Any questions or to purchase, PM. First come, first served.
^^^ Yes, nice one, RogerP.
I see MisterFu took the easy retort I left in my wake. Glad it did not take long, I would have been so disappointed if SF had dallied with such easy prey.
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