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Go all the way, made by Chinese in China.Caruso making garments in China is not something one should be excited about.
^^^^ #1 is awful. #2 is not terrible even considering where it ends against your hand. If your torso and arm proportions are as you say, that would be the explanation. #3 maybe because the sleeves are so short, you are standing oddly with your legs together and I don't like the jacket, itself, but I just do not like the whole vibe. #4.Maybe a bit long but also not terrible. In short, I would measure #s 2 and 4 for jacket length and go with something in between. And if you...
I meant more along the lines of you upgrading your mate(or SF acquaintance) and them handing you a token gift or cash. Not advertising for all the world to see.Anyway, not important, plus I do not want to have any negative connotations associated with your grand gesture.Are you only giving them to someone with a confirmed AA flight? As opposed to 'saving' them for a later date based on time of contact.
I have a pair(maybe two) but they were purchased quite some time ago. I do not think they run large but I am not going to risk your money with that assessment. In fact, I have other RTW that fit larger but some the same. No Trickers, however. No store near you has FR to test?
^^^^ Is that already altered? Pants, obviously, way too long. Cuff opening might be small but maybe that is remedied with shortening. Back looks decent. You have the folds/wrinkles top of rear of sleeve. Shoulders maybe a bit too wide for you.I cannot say for sure but that goes with the collar looking too large.
That is very sporting and generous of you.Tempting. How would they know if someone paid you for one? Just curious.
-5%? Chinese. Enjoy!
jefferyd is wise.
Top pic is unclear but looks like shirring.Quite extensive, usually it is more subtle. Look it up. Not a 'mistake' or creasing. I won't say for sure but I do not think you are eliminating that if it is and if you are, not easily.
The 'someone' who told you is ignorant.
New Posts  All Forums: