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I can see becnal's point though some of that might be flash in the pic. I think it is alright. Most likely it is not a wedding of the most perfectly dressed people in the world even if they are not horribly dressed. I would probably go with a white shirt, myself, but I think you are fine. And I do not like that certain darker blue(might be named French,Royal) that is worn. Awful in shirts and maybe in general. Though there are certainly darker blues that are fine. And I...
Because the jackets are grossly short and your hips vs shoulder proportions are not those thought of in terms of a golden ratio. Plus it seems your posture accentuates this latter fact. I don't know if they are worth anything for you to sell vs GBR's solution of fire to thread but please do not wear them.
He should wear it as a watch and then see if the watch thread people think it is too large,distasteful and ostentatious. Actually, showing it out and off in general is just that though if you can are able to carry it on your wrist, you are of godly strength and then will not give a hoot.
Dino, I do apologize for not reading the earlier posts.In general, I find this watch thread full of rational, sensible blokes. But to see NFrills's taste in women is distressing for someone with the means to acquire what is able to.I do not mean to cause you agita and angst with the size/wearer size discussion.I can just never get over some of the fits and discussions of even the highest of SF royalty and their Sunday best that are nothing so fantastic. Not all but more...
Quick questions(probably been answered or discussed but could not find it so explicitly), 1. At what price point do you insure an item assuming US to US shipping? 2. Same question for sig confirmation. Thanks to whomever it is due.
You show Charlize but desire Upton? This does not jibe with the ridicule and hate(justified) of all those monstrosity, tasteless, XXXL watches shown previously. It is the bizarro version of that preference, actually.How is taste lost across these different avenues? They are close enough that I would think one's applies the same all the way.Stick to the watches, you are aces there.More generally, I do question whether people take into account the wearer's own size(wrist,...
Whole millions, eh? You are not educating me about any of this but thanks. Seals are a slippery slope. Hunting allowances mean nothing. Some locales allow hunting of animals with low counts. Others, not.And enforcement is often Also, there are so many varieties and when you allow X, people slip right down and do Y and Z.Also, let us be honest, if you are the type of person who covets uber exotic, rare, endangered or whatever type of skins, you will covet the rare type of...
Or better yet, yours.Do not cast stones from your cushy little bubble, mate.
Sure enough. But that avoids what is wrong with eating that meat in the first place which is convenient enough for you.And these days, whole animals put to use is not that common amongst the pricey, rare varieties.Enjoy your shark fin soup.
I was just going to wait and see if he paid but then figured I would ask the experienced ones in the ways of the ebay before I got caught up in some nonsense that I would not care to deal with. Thanks to CapnWes and DanM. Will hope the payment comes and item goes.
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