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What the title says. These are on the 82 Last and worn twice.Size states 12/12.5.Price is CONUS. No shoe trees included but original box and bags are. Will ship Internationally at cost.PM with inquiries or questions. [[SPOILER]]
EG FROME, 12/12.5 Black Calf, worn a couple of times. Will be posted on B&S if interested.
Height does not matter so much as your body proportions. I realize shorter people tend to have proportions that might not be as flattering as taller people but you are dressing yourself, not a norm.The French are not tall(and neither are Italians) so I would not worry about your height. If you are built like a bowling ball, that might be an issue.I don't find any of the 'house' styles to be so extreme that someone with reasonable proportions would look like a fool in their...
Nutcracker, you are just that. Fab job. As for the thread becoming lost, nobody who has laid eyes on it will not search for it and come upon it easily. Perhaps I will have to track you down and enslave you as a shoe shop tour guide when I expect to be there in a few months. That is a joke. Sort of. Tokyo seems never ending in its finds and shops even for locals. Infinite for visitors. I never even came across some of those interesting shops in Roppongi main structures...
I don't know the Scafora RTW quality but if it is anywhere near what one should expect that price strikes me as excellent value. Hopefully, someone can chime in with experience or take the plunge. I'm not in the market but I think this would be very valuable info for members.
Yes, I wanted them in a different Asian location but they want to run the show completely on their own terms which is a fair stance. But I respect the decision and would have also respected not opening any location outside of Paris. I favor exclusivity, actually, not for snobbish reasons but just because at some point it comes upon the slippery slope. As long as they keep their standards, everything is fine.I am not familiar with so many English tailors but enough...
I do not like loooooooong jackets but too short is also awful. I find there is a range of 'proper' on each individual but it is not that large. What makes it all worse, again, is people who are built like pears, hippos, whatever attempting the short/slim outfit. Know thy self.
I can see becnal's point though some of that might be flash in the pic. I think it is alright. Most likely it is not a wedding of the most perfectly dressed people in the world even if they are not horribly dressed. I would probably go with a white shirt, myself, but I think you are fine. And I do not like that certain darker blue(might be named French,Royal) that is worn. Awful in shirts and maybe in general. Though there are certainly darker blues that are fine. And I...
Because the jackets are grossly short and your hips vs shoulder proportions are not those thought of in terms of a golden ratio. Plus it seems your posture accentuates this latter fact. I don't know if they are worth anything for you to sell vs GBR's solution of fire to thread but please do not wear them.
He should wear it as a watch and then see if the watch thread people think it is too large,distasteful and ostentatious. Actually, showing it out and off in general is just that though if you can are able to carry it on your wrist, you are of godly strength and then will not give a hoot.
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