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-5%? Chinese. Enjoy!
jefferyd is wise.
Top pic is unclear but looks like shirring.Quite extensive, usually it is more subtle. Look it up. Not a 'mistake' or creasing. I won't say for sure but I do not think you are eliminating that if it is and if you are, not easily.
The 'someone' who told you is ignorant.
$100, you did very well. What size? Did they state it was LP and Isaia or you just know from researching now? Honestly, that is a pretty amazing RTW from ebay fit. Hell, that looks better than many of the expensive bespoke and MTM jobs you see around SF. I think sleeves could use a nip though that might go for shirt sleeves, too. And maybe a touch of tug near the top button. But the back and upper sleeves are almost totally clean which is quite incredible. And I'm sure...
And because the products are too good?
This happens often, actually. USPS posts DELIVERED at a time of day before the mail carrier is even at the address. So you know the time stamp is bogus. But you would think it is at the local office and thus would be delivered that day. No.Also, has been more than one extra day(insanity in logistics, laziness, incompetence,etc.) from the DELIVERED stamp to actual delivery. Annoying, nerve-wracking but that is USPS. Tracking, far too meaningless though it is a necessary...
WHAT DOES MARCELLUS' WALLACE SHIRT LOOK LIKE???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not familiar with Pulb Fiction.
Why would you want a definitive answer when you can speculate and argue without one and thus never be proven wrong? Then again, many people do not accept anything as 'proof' against their stand so perhaps this does not matter.
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