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I'm messaging my Jeeves, right now. He is late with my high tea. And, hopefully, not ruining my suits. Jefferyd, you are throwing many a large stick into the spokes of bicycles passing by. So, does any tailor not do this? Perhaps we should start from that end since it would seem shorter. Honestly, I cannot even tell what I am looking at in the Caraceni pic. Carnage. Given their prices, ouch. Also, jefferyd, I just checked your blog out(had done so before but not for...
What is it with the black ties? And brown shoes with it? Yowza. Mr. Eng, you really need to tighten up the ask for dinner. "Where should I eat in NYC?" is a very lazy question.
That's a dupe, control tower. Disregard. Over
Roger that, proceeding to runway Delta. Over
Personally, I have no issue with someone not giving away secret fab tailor info for the reasons of increased customer base, price, waiting time, etc. However, I do find it obnoxious and distasteful, at the least, to come to a forum, speak about the tailor(assuming this is a positive case) and then not divulge the info. Either keep it to yourself, completely, or share. Don't be a bloody tease. Also, telling people 'if you look around, there is an amazing, cheap, perfect...
I will offer some more useful advice than what you asked for. Acquire some new jeans. Those high waisted jams are doing you no favors. And, honestly, you do not appear buff up top with a slim waist. I guess 'slim' is up for some interpretation and that since you are not obese you want to make sure we know that your waist is under 40 and thus unusual. Perhaps it is the pants, once again, but a false impression of your waist line seems a stretch. Was that a joke? Now to...
Aglose, what information did you provide to set up the account? Just a bank account, ss#? There are other forms of information besides a utility bill that will be acceptable but I don't know which you have already given them so it is difficult to say whether they are being unreasonable. Also, calling as already suggested should clear up the matter if not resolved it.
Lady now offers partial refund of the original shipping instead of full on and gave me the 'I'm human and make mistakes' bit along with 'I shouldn't have listed it as perfect, mint'. Yes, that was my point from the beginning. It is your mistake, why should I be the only one to pay for it? I am still going to pay something for doing nothing wrong. Another fair minded, equitable individual with a good sense of empathy. I think I am declining on principle. Cannot accept her...
Nice. Yes, some research first I appreciate it as I already gave someone a bit of the business about asking an infinitely open question as OP for which there are already too many answers. Good luck. Oh, and I don't mean not to ask a question. But I think the forums are better off without "What suit should I buy?", barely, if at all, more explicit in form, every page.
Mostly what Flyswatter said. Also, jacket is long. Did you try a size down? Wondering if it mattered or not re: shoulder padding. If you have time, try a different size or different brand/cut. If not, sleeves, pants hems and you will look OK. Not upper crust SF OK but not completely buffoon style either which you may throw into your value equation.
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