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^^^ Yes, nice one, RogerP.
I see MisterFu took the easy retort I left in my wake. Glad it did not take long, I would have been so disappointed if SF had dallied with such easy prey.
Stick with watches, mate.Many a hole in many an argument.But with your obvious means, you have quite the assortment of fine timepieces.Your 'hamburger' watch might even do it for me. Not familiar with it in person and the measurements are possible but maybe not quite right on my wrist.I cannot say for sure without it on my flesh. Sorry, that attempt at a pseudo pun sounds off.I find size issues also depend on size of wearer.
You have now betrayed yourself.Too easy, methinks. I will leave the obvious for someone else.Amateur hour.
Switch a couple of letters around and go from 'socialist' to 'socialite' and then it will all be clear to you, grasshopper.
If you slept in your shoes, you should have no clue as to what the bloody hell happened the night before.If you know you are going to sleep and wear your shoes, you are just This thread now has multiple entities divulging very distasteful(to put it mildly) info about their personal situations.Not that I even believe any or all of it but it is crass for the mentions, true or false.At least someone should have asked OP for fit pics so that he might be ridiculed or vetted.
Shouldn't you have posted Ambrosi 14 months later? And then it should still be half a mirage, no?
Funny how?
Go all the way, made by Chinese in China.Caruso making garments in China is not something one should be excited about.
^^^^ #1 is awful. #2 is not terrible even considering where it ends against your hand. If your torso and arm proportions are as you say, that would be the explanation. #3 maybe because the sleeves are so short, you are standing oddly with your legs together and I don't like the jacket, itself, but I just do not like the whole vibe. #4.Maybe a bit long but also not terrible. In short, I would measure #s 2 and 4 for jacket length and go with something in between. And if you...
New Posts  All Forums: