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I found this shop in Modena by chance and figured the SF community would not mind another option in the MTM, bespoke arsenal.Note, I only spoke with Ricardo in the shop and did not purchase anything as I was leaving later that day, actually.Here is the website which I looked up later.http://www.sartoriaernestocapua.it/I saw the name Ernesto Capua Napoli on the front glass but I only see addresses for the cities of Modena and Reggio on the website.A rundown of what I...
That is about it. If you have request, PM me and we will try to work it out. I will not leave before the 10th. I am quite close to Liverano if that is someone's target. Cheers
http://www.paginegialle.it/milano-mi/camicie/camiceria-olga Not all of the reviews are so grand in case you are still looking into it.
3 more idiots of the world have been marked for all to see.
Kickin' it in Paris on a day it was actually sunny and warm(but indoors for the pic, obviously). Usually have laces tucked. Full shot is even more washed out. Bloody useless though I could post in desperation. Thank you crapmeraphone!
You want the shirt sleeves to be there they will be before the jacket sleeves are done. I don't know what surgeon's cuffs will run you but add it to the cost of the suit and does it seem worth it to you? Surgeon's cuffs are nice when you have wicked fine button hole makers and it is nice when you have bespoke or MTM because it is 'for your arms only' but I don't think they add so much that they should be a concern until you go beyond a certain level with all else. When...
^^^Actually, I think you are doing alright. Besides the sleeves being too long, your shirt sleeves are too long. The backs of the sleeves on the jacket are not too great but that is the only major issue. Should like quite good for OTR and minor adjustments in terms of fit.
My thoughts are, YIKES!
Only skimmed it but very nice post. Your take on the potential use by others is spot on but if you are having pieces made, I think your posts are worthwhile and appreciated.
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