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RTW is made by Caruso. Bespoke, obviously, is not. This is not to say the quality is poor but they are different.Seems as if you are after a Cifo purely for the name. If so, RTW does the trick unless part of the cache is to say it is bespoke and thus imply to the other bankers about the exorbitant cost.If you just want one, RTW it is because a week will not get it done in Paris. Of course, you can do NYC fittings and wait it out.Contact them for their travel schedule.
Sorry to laugh at your misfortune but that gave me a laugh. Hope you find your proper other.
I believe an ordinary calfskin pair were about 2000CHF back about 5 years ago or so in Geneva. Not France but does show variety.
Hey, I am just reporting a new find. That's all. I never stated it was great or good or anything. I did like the finishing inside of the one jacket. That did not look like crap work. Also, regarding doing MTM and bespoke, it could be BS or it could be the language barrier. This shop is not catering to tourists ala Rubi, Atto, anyone. Inglese non e molto importante. Certainly not hiring someone just to have a Japanese speaker around, etc. Yes, the name 'Napoli' on the...
I found this shop in Modena by chance and figured the SF community would not mind another option in the MTM, bespoke arsenal.Note, I only spoke with Ricardo in the shop and did not purchase anything as I was leaving later that day, actually.Here is the website which I looked up later. saw the name Ernesto Capua Napoli on the front glass but I only see addresses for the cities of Modena and Reggio on the website.A rundown of what I...
That is about it. If you have request, PM me and we will try to work it out. I will not leave before the 10th. I am quite close to Liverano if that is someone's target. Cheers Not all of the reviews are so grand in case you are still looking into it.
3 more idiots of the world have been marked for all to see.
Kickin' it in Paris on a day it was actually sunny and warm(but indoors for the pic, obviously). Usually have laces tucked. Full shot is even more washed out. Bloody useless though I could post in desperation. Thank you crapmeraphone!
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