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ChetB, I hope you didn't run your grocery cart into the back of his ankle.
I think you have snowbirding backwards. Nevertheless, this reminds me that I must post and sell my cashmere RTW Rubinacci overcoat. And I believe you will got to the Football Factory for your football fix(Chelsea supporters) in town instead of the Playwright if you were on the beach..
You will never win anything on The Price is Right.And you must not be one of those 'Guess Your Weight' professionals.But if you pay that much for a single suit then I could have one made gratis.
Are you serious with that statement about 'student life'? Grab a reality check. Then again, in this kind and gentle world you will go along just fine with no repercussions regardless. Are you truly concerned that Cifo will not have a 'conservative' navy fabric to meet your needs? Really? Back to the library for some more study. Then again, if you are already able to afford some of the finest sartorial pleasures in the world as a student(but not quite the very best in...
A few headphones for sale to thin down the numbers. 1. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro, 250 Ohm. Excellent condition, clean pads, includes .25" adapter. $115 Shipped CONUS 2. Shure SRH940 Excellent condition except for the head band pad which has wear. Includes all original items, straight and coiled cables, .25" adapater, retail box and headphone carrying case. $180 Shipped CONUS 3. Denon HP700 DJ Style An underrated headphone in excellent condition.Includes .25" adapter. $75...
Nutcracker, I must reiterate, you are smashing it with this thread. I will say that:devil: if you have a pair or three from every artisan you have posted, I will be somewhat envious.
Again, another member of British royalty. Did he only have a pair of brogues for black tie?The Duke wore plenty of classics as well. Added tweaks and flair even to those, sure, but everything was not completely over the line(the line of that age, anyway).If they only had one pair of shoes would it be those brogues?In the end, will it matter which pair BeSpiff wears to his events or in the everyday? No. I would guess that most people at the events he attends will not make...
Prince William could have gone in footies with those pom poms on the back and everyone would say it is grand and proper. More importantly, I am sure he has an endless supply of shoes. BeSpiff is asking for one pair to play various grades of formality. In this case, I think one should choose that which is more usually capable of standing up to the higher dressing standard. In the end, dear boy,you will choose what your like but that was my thought on the matter and...
This shoe has broguing. You mentioned black tie. No.
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