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^^ +1. Certo.
"Acting!""Genius!""Thank you!""Thank YOU!"
Indeed, jeans, low profile kicks and a tee, ie. Sobe black tie, for hitting the town. Don't fret, I am guilty of the heat/vibe dress down minus the polo even. Are you buying online? Maybe just wait to be in NYC.You can try on and then order online if it is less expensive. Plus much more selection. Not as much as it could be but how many pairs of shoes does one require? Rhetorical one there. And there is your budget which I do not know. I will only be in NYC this week...
Are you an Alden company man? Sobe and surrounding areas are not exactly a sartorial paradise(Bal Harbour is good,good for them). If you are going for shoe/boot with a proper business suit then most of your choices are too casual plus the fact I just do not find them very nice. But I am not an Alden fan(ignites flames from SF masses) most of the time. Your latest selection is more along the track though it is still not quite clear if you seek merely a more 'wintry'...
Oftentimes, virtual friends are superior to in the flesh versions.
Too short and I lean short(though this depends on body type). Probably borderline enough that you can wear it though. The back does seem long enough. And the pics might be giving a slightly false impression but the one where the jacket is buttoned makes it appear to be a certainly poor fit.
Even given the amount of light on it, still does not come off as midnight. Which is a good thing as I like the color portrayed in the pic.
Money doesn't buy taste or knowledge even when you are able to pay someone to perform the task of choosing your wardrobe. Why? Because most people with jobs are useless or harmful and know little or nothing about their 'craft'. Add to that Comrade's point that you feed the idiot masses. I have always wondered the split of the choices in terms of the commentator and the corporate stylist or management or whomever. Akin to blaming your mother for your wanker clothes when...
I did not see him. Was just commenting on your observation of his outfit and his past misdeeds.
Apparently, he needs to move on to angel dust. Crack has not made a dent in his rotundness.
New Posts  All Forums: