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1.Theory Made in Italy Black with light gray pinstripe,Size 44L,100% Wool. Shoulder 19.25" Length BOC 32" Sleeve ~26" 2.Theory Burgundy Velvet(100% Cotton) with Pinstripe in a Smoking Jacket style, 44L. Shoulder 19.25" Length 31.25" Sleeve ~25.75" Both shipped CONUS for $75 Paypal Personal or possible pickup in NYC.
Indeed you are now truly reaching for maximum wisdom. Yes, you do need black captoes.I will ignore the statement about your lack of fandom. And at two pairs, I will say that is enough to qualify.Do you wear boots and if so also non black?RD is going to get a wish list from me. If I had known he buys members shoes I might have posted and lurked 10x as much in the fora.
You can use me and save yourself a few quid for your ad. Perhaps some clothing in return, haha.The dinner suit(in the ad or mock up) looks very nice.
How is it possible that this is your first pair of black shoes? I am not familiar with your personal affairs but have seen enough of you around the forums and maybe B&S to think you have a well stocked wardrobe and shoe closet. But, apparently, your game was a bit short of top shelf. It is great that you have filled this massive hole and with a fine pair of shoes. Well done. Also, who is this RD who you are thanking for giving you these shoes? I need to contact them as I...
Charcoal gray subtle herringbone pattern overcoat in 100% cashmere from Rubinacci London House. Marked as XL but take note of exact measurements for fit, please. This is a relatively lightweight piece as far as overcoats. There was a rip to the inner lining(only the lining) which has been sewn up and can be seen in the pictures. Freshly steam cleaned and ready for someone with more cold weather in their life. Price is CONUS. Measurements Shoulder Seam to Seam:...
Will pass it along, thank you.
Someone asked and I really have no idea. Do not recall ever noticing it in any shop. Any information appreciated.
What was the discipline you received? If it was having a hand lopped off by light sabre, much respect to your lord/overboss/organization. Also, since we have not seen how sartorially proper your robes were, I cannot comment if punishment was jusified or not.
While usually not a fan of exotic skins, that first example from Shirahama Bottier might be enough to swing from a baller outfit to a baller pimp outfit. Very nice. BespokeMakers: Pricing of Quadrifoglio? While I got my United Nations bit on(Japanese, English and Italiano on the site) I did not see any numbers which I expected though missing them is entirely possible. I think I like the styling, overall, as a collection for myself more than some of the other makers in...
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