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Nutcracker, I must reiterate, you are smashing it with this thread. I will say that:devil: if you have a pair or three from every artisan you have posted, I will be somewhat envious.
Again, another member of British royalty. Did he only have a pair of brogues for black tie?The Duke wore plenty of classics as well. Added tweaks and flair even to those, sure, but everything was not completely over the line(the line of that age, anyway).If they only had one pair of shoes would it be those brogues?In the end, will it matter which pair BeSpiff wears to his events or in the everyday? No. I would guess that most people at the events he attends will not make...
Prince William could have gone in footies with those pom poms on the back and everyone would say it is grand and proper. More importantly, I am sure he has an endless supply of shoes. BeSpiff is asking for one pair to play various grades of formality. In this case, I think one should choose that which is more usually capable of standing up to the higher dressing standard. In the end, dear boy,you will choose what your like but that was my thought on the matter and...
This shoe has broguing. You mentioned black tie. No.
Question to any of the tailors so kind as to answer. There is a vintage suit I might purchase and it has an uncuffed, quite slanted hem. I would need it shortened and would like to know if this is a somewhat tricky alteration to do properly or if it is straightforward. In case I only have access to a tailor I might not trust fully should I mention any particular technique to ensure it is done best way?
Mimo, yes, plat grand lange 1 and a better picture should be posted. I thought there was another but this was all I found. Not that I am one for tons of pics and this was certainly not the best of phone cameras but a perfectly clear image is still easily acquired unless it is a completely half assed job(which it was,obviously).And who said you could go around stealing my color orange to your heart's content?I guess more than one person can have orange in their palette as...
RTW is made by Caruso. Bespoke, obviously, is not. This is not to say the quality is poor but they are different.Seems as if you are after a Cifo purely for the name. If so, RTW does the trick unless part of the cache is to say it is bespoke and thus imply to the other bankers about the exorbitant cost.If you just want one, RTW it is because a week will not get it done in Paris. Of course, you can do NYC fittings and wait it out.Contact them for their travel schedule.
Sorry to laugh at your misfortune but that gave me a laugh. Hope you find your proper other.
I believe an ordinary calfskin pair were about 2000CHF back about 5 years ago or so in Geneva. Not France but does show variety.
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