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Really?If I ever meet a consultant of risk or most everything else from a large firm who knows anything about anything in their supposed subject of 'expertise' it will be a first.In fact, since OP cannot pick out his own outfit he should certainly be hired by a big gun firm to be sent out on assignment as a style consultant to all of their corporate clients.
+1 for Saturday just to help keep a count. Thank you, LA Guy.
Not sure what you mean regarding the convenience of taking in the waist of the trousers.Do you mean that it would be a very large reduction in the waist?It can be done and if you like the suit and prices, why not? Of course, if the reduction is large the seat needs to be recut. The simple taking in of the waist band will not suffice. At least to make them spot on.Betel,your problem is that you are just too bloody big and huge for the OTR of mere mortals.LEgoiste,While I...
Size down. That might not work either but this is surely too large.
They do not appear to be bowing much(fishmouthing, if that is what you are asking) but your pics are crap. Also, pull up your trousers. I do not believe that is where they should rest. This will also make the jacket not seem to have such a high button stance in your case.
My advice would be to ask questions and do your research before already having chosen a tailor and having an appointment for the next day. If you are clueless as to what you want and what to ask at this point, I fear you are at the mercy of the shop. Unless you study up right quick.
^^ +1. Certo.
"Acting!""Genius!""Thank you!""Thank YOU!"
Indeed, jeans, low profile kicks and a tee, ie. Sobe black tie, for hitting the town. Don't fret, I am guilty of the heat/vibe dress down minus the polo even. Are you buying online? Maybe just wait to be in NYC.You can try on and then order online if it is less expensive. Plus much more selection. Not as much as it could be but how many pairs of shoes does one require? Rhetorical one there. And there is your budget which I do not know. I will only be in NYC this week...
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