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Thanks, mate!
White Polo SS Shirt from Spier Mackay. Tag was removed, unfortunately, but is unworn and unwashed. Had ordered some because I lost my polo stash but it was then found. Size is L/Large and they are a slim, modern fit to me. $10 + ship from US. Having trouble uploading the pics so ask if I forget to update though it is the same as from their site. PM for purchase or questions.
A BEAUTY purchased in Italy. 100% Superfine Super 110s Wool, Gray with a faint reddish medium stripe and light gray pin stripe that meld so well and give great subtle character. If you like contemporary cut, this is for you. Flat front, slightly tapered pants, double vented, 4 interior pockets, jet exterior pockets, 3 Roll 2 jacket. Still basted in the shoulders and the pants are unhemmed to suit a variety of length and cuff preferences. Sleeves are not functional which...
A few top shelf ties for your pleasure . Shipping at cost from US and A. Measurements in in/cm. 1. EG Cappelli $65 SOLD Might have been worn, might not but Mint condition either way. Width 3.5/9 Length 58/147 2. Charvet $35 SOLD Excellent condition. Width 3.5/9 Length 58/147 3. Marinella $60 Excellent to Mint. Width 3.75/9.5 Length 60/152 PM for questions. Ask for payment info for actual purchase.
New in the box from the famous John Lobb. Dark Oak Brown leather in a classic, sleek oxford for any man's closet. Unworn and not marked up like so many 'new' shoes from try ons and what not. Many pictures so have a good look and ask any questions you like. Size is 11E UK which is 12D according to JL. Includes shoes, box, JL pamphlet and JL shopping bag. Shipping at cost anywhere. Possible local sale in NY.
Previously worn pair of Nakes & Famous Weird Guy Raw Indigo Selvedge jeans. Very good condition. Wallet mark on back pocket bu besides that very minor wear. Tag size is 32 W and the inseam measures ~31.5 in which is a 32 L. $25 plus shipping which should be $7 in USA for Priority Mail. Elsewhere at cost. Will combine with other items of course. Possible pickup in NY. PM with questions. Ask for payment info if you actually want ot purchase.
Pair of APC NEW STANDARDS in excellent condition. Not much wear you can see just a few minor marks on back pocket. Tag Size is a 32. Inseam measures 30.5-30.75 in which is what a 31 usually measures. $35 plus shipping which for USA should be $7 USPS Priority. Elsewhere at cost. Possible pickup in NY. PM with questions. Ask for payment info if you want to purchase.
EG Cappelli is new, never worn. Marinellas worn probably 2-3 times and Charvet was worn more but is excellent if half a tick below the others. Cappelli $85 Marinellas $55 Charvet $40 Dimensions: EGC 3.6W, 58L Green M, 3.75W, 56L Light Blue M 3.6W, 61L Dark Blue M 3.75W, 59L Charvet 3.5W, 58L Prices are USD and do not include shipping. May also consider trading for other higher end ties. Possible pick up in NY. PM with questions or to buy. Ask for payment info if you...
Not much to say beyond the title. Size is 11E UK marked translating to about 12D US. Shoes+JL box + JL pamphlet. $650 Shipping at cost, will ship to anywhere. Possible local sale in NY. PM with questions or to purchase.
Advice from the pros if you please. Sold a Polo jacket that I stated in the ad was discolored around the waist and sleeves for $10 plus shipping. Buyer is a 0 feedback noob who sent me a 'brown around sleeves and collar' and a 'request refund'. I am thinking to tell her 'discolored stated in ad' and to sod off. I assume she will leave neg feedback but might do that anyway. Then call ebay if she does to tell them this is bs, she is new and clearly just looking for...
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