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A BEAUTY bought in Italy. 100% Wool, Gray with a faint reddish medium stripe and light gray pin stripe that meld so well and give great subtle character. If you like contemporary cut, this is for you. Quarters are quite open (Liverano-esque), flat front, slightly tapered pants, double vented, 4 interior pockets, jet exterior pockets, 3 Roll 2 jacket. Still basted in the shoulders and the pants are unhemmed to suit a variety of length and cuff preferences. Sleeves are not...
Is this super fabulous G&G sale on their leftovers for those not in London still happening?
Yes, I was not quite totally clueless with the translation but just about only the basics of the situation.I would message myself but not sure if the google translate version would come off completely rude.Who knows what it will say?Caponetto is in the Sleevehead guide but I do not have it and this person blogging surely is a more reliable source of info.Thanks add911_11. I thought so, myself. . Now if it translates to some excellent and well priced bespoke suits then it...
Not shoes but not sure where to post this plus people in this thread are well behaved. Anyone follow this? sartoria-siciliana.blogspot.com Goog translate is not so great for Japanese plus I would be interested to know more about the tailor, pricing, etc.Maybe he does not take orders from random foreigners but fun to know to fill the landscape with other sartoria. Seems made for igent drool . Sicilians, Japanese, handmade buttonholes, yada yada. Buzz words galore. I am...
I know IWC is not loved here but in case somebody is interested the new Portugieser Collection will be on display at the Bal Harbour Shoppes boutique in Miami from March 24, I think it said for a week.
First suit, third suit, 100th suit, no black, mate.
Did he say you get robbed on the way up?
Beautiful Caruso Sport coat in Navy Old Cotton. Fabric is heavier weave not for the hottest summer days. Dual vents. Condition is about excellent. Size marked 54R but please read measurements as it is more like 42 US maybe. Shoulders: 19.2" 42.7cm Length BOC: 30.75" 78cm Chest, P2P: 21.8" 55.4cm Sleeve from end of shoulder to mid cuff: 25.2" 63.9cm Price is CONUS but will ship anywhere. PM with inquiries.
And the pic should not be earlier than the 11th taken.Otherwise, the pic is invalid.
That jacket is too short. If you want to look like the current trend of fanboy absurdity then wear it. Or because you like it. But it is not within the reasonable band of 'proper' jacket length. I also doubt your actual body measurements as the vast majority of people who claim these massive drops are mistaken to put it kindly. We can see your chest since your jacket hugs it and we can see your waist and hips since they fill your paints. And no matter how poorly cut and...
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