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Just got my Mercer tee not too long ago, had the same worries as you. Went with a M. I'm 5'4", 155 muscular build/stocky. Medium fits perfectly, doesn't look ridiculously long on me either. I'll snap a pic of me wearing it if you want, hit me up.
Wait what? The Air Pressures were originally released in 1989 as a response to Reebok Pump, which also dropped in 1989...
Hello,   My name is Kyle, I'm an avid enthusiast of fashion, fitness, and footwear. I recently started a new blog that will, hopefully, show you my passion.   Check out it out!
No but seriously, have we all given up hope at this point? Should I just cut my losses?
Does END. usually have coupon codes flying around?   Found the White Future Lows on sale for 415. 2nd lowest price compared to SSense.
What happened to dww's efforts to bring this man to justice?
Contemplating buying a Golden Bear leather from them...any comments on quality of Golden Bear?   Sizing advice?
Hit my 2 year mark 5 days ago.   
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