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the 20 week mark has come and gone, not expecting my leather anytime soon lol...  
40 week turnaround?     Charly quoted me 16-20 when I ordered back in November.
How are the lengths of the blazers at Club Monaco?   It seems that their blazers are cut a bit shorter, from how it looks on their models, so I am wodering how a 38s would fit vs a 38r.   I will ultimately check in store, but was wondering if anyone had experience with it?   ps. I also hate how most of their blazers have functioning buttons.
14 weeks since date of purchase...the anxiety is slowly returning.
30% off sale items in-store at Rockefeller NY location. Decent stock.   2 snorkel parkas (XL & XS) a bunch of skiff jackets  Quilted Camo
Any in-store promos going on right now bros??
Mall at Short Hills location did not have a sale section whatsoever....quite disappointing...
Are there any discounts for buying hangers in bulk?   I vaguely remember there being a discounted price for buying 5+ hangers.
 How is the sizing on these boots? TTS?  Only issue with the popover shirts are getting them over my shoulders...I wear an xs, but it is so difficult to get it over my head...I would guess that a slim version would be impossible.
sale stock a rockefeller nyc location is barren.   A few sportcoats, ties, sweaters, and ties...not much else.
New Posts  All Forums: