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When did you order?
A2s gonna be delivered next year bros, don't worry.
Where have you guys been finding the stretch selvedge denim? Can't find them in NJ...
Need some A2s to start shipping out already....ugh.
Not enough can be said about The Hanger Project and their customer service.    Ordered 6 hangers based off of their sizing chart. I ordered size S since they said Smalls fit jacket sizes 39 and below. Before the hangers even came, I encountered shipping issues, as Fedex had no idea where my apartment was, even though I put in all the relevant information, and that alone delayed my shipping back 4 days. I speak with the customer service reps for The Hanger Project and...
Bump guys! Priced to move, rare Rugby!
Sure it does, it gives me the peace of mind that my jacket that I paid for over a year ago gets to the proper address. Not to a previous address which will eventually be returned to sender...further complicating matters. But ok. Suffrage =/= Sufferage ( I don't even think that's a word though)
Moving this saturday....sent Charly my new address, but no confirmation. I feel like that kind of email deserves at least an "Okay, gotcha"   INB4 someone else gets my leather.
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