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  1. With what money is Drew going to open this new restaurant? 2. Doubt he'll see any profit until at least a year of opening.
  Not everyone who paid with paypal did so with CC. Some did with their bank account (me) and therefore are fucked. Get it now?
DAMN, This dude just stunted on ALL of us, a la Birdman.  Do your thang pleghboi.
Hell no, all this distraction and 'good news' has probably given Drew the incentive to slack off again. Add the fact that there was a "holiday" and you've got several more excuses.
Drew in the shadows, thankful all this happy and hopeful talk is going on.
How about...Temple of Johns.
No offense to LA Guy, you're a great dude from what I've gathered, just venting.   But, most people here are either:   A.) Waiting for a jacket(s) that may or may never be made. B.) Down $X amount of money since they will never get the jacket or refund.     So I don't see how your news is good news for the TOJ customer. Hell, even a discount doesn't help. 
I've pretty much accepted that I won't be getting my jacket, ordered 11/13 until 2016 at least.
Recent purchase.
Said no one ever.
New Posts  All Forums: