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 INB4 refund queue is quoted 15-20 weeks....blows my mind there is even a queue for refunds...
 Contractors....they exist. Hire a manager on a contract...say...up to the last jacket being mailed out?   And this line I think best summarizes TOJ as a company: "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."
Good stuff, might have to swing by a Jcrew this weekend.
Copped.     $234 from SSense.
Anyone ever handle the Knowles leather jacket?   It's on sale right now and I'm contemplating purchasing it...
Yeah I don't get this. They are behind as it is, with a jacket maker sick/family issues.... This is bullshit
 Lol who gives a f*** at this point? They stopped taking orders. Oh, you guys are keeping hope alive that he will restart his MTM business? What time frame did he give you one that one???
Hmmmmm, a body can change a lot in a course of a year, I'm wondering if my measurements are still good...
Good luck. On the worst days, I have trouble in a t-shirt and shorts.
Caved and bought the cotton fishtail parka with the 30% off.     
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