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35 weeks from order date or in addition?
8 month lead time...holy shit.   Why quote 16-20 weeks??
the 20 week mark has come and gone, not expecting my leather anytime soon lol...  
40 week turnaround?     Charly quoted me 16-20 when I ordered back in November.
How are the lengths of the blazers at Club Monaco?   It seems that their blazers are cut a bit shorter, from how it looks on their models, so I am wodering how a 38s would fit vs a 38r.   I will ultimately check in store, but was wondering if anyone had experience with it?   ps. I also hate how most of their blazers have functioning buttons.
14 weeks since date of purchase...the anxiety is slowly returning.
30% off sale items in-store at Rockefeller NY location. Decent stock.   2 snorkel parkas (XL & XS) a bunch of skiff jackets  Quilted Camo
Any in-store promos going on right now bros??
Mall at Short Hills location did not have a sale section whatsoever....quite disappointing...
Are there any discounts for buying hangers in bulk?   I vaguely remember there being a discounted price for buying 5+ hangers.
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