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I was kinda worried when I size down to UK6 from the usual UK7 for Carmina simpson but apparently it works. At least when I put them on once they arrived.
  My RTW Maverick from Spiga3.
  Just to share my 6125 Cognac Double Monk Calf in K last with Goyser stitching.
You can try Gentlemens footwear.
Hi, Planning to do it through retailers or direct with Carmina?I am rather keen to get a pair in calf now while i just received a pair of full strap in Polo suede.
Dear Charlie, I appreciate you spending time to explain on the situation and personally it gives us consumers a better understanding of the works you do and the materials your company purchase.Many of us are introduced to Equus Leather through this wonderful forum. One way or another, we get to try out your products and I may say I am satisfied with the quality which is exactly why I am considering a next order with your company. The service has been great thus far and I...
I was browsing the webstore and realized that there is a significant price hike on the belts offered. Some are more than 20% as compared to few months ago when I placed my first order. It has thus become challenging to pen down new purchase. Is there some specific reason for this price increase?
That's a very good suggestion. Thanks for sharing.
 That's absolutely nonsense. All my 3 direct purchases from Carmina webstore has not been able to avoid the tax. Only consolation is the free shipping for the last pair.
I have exactly the same problem. They bill to my office and my finance chick hand me the invoice for settlement haha.
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