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@andrel42 your high polished boots are great make up too.
  Just received them this morning. Gold Museum in F last.
You are making a lot of people jealous now. I am one of them. LOL
My Lama loafer from Steve does not feel any softer than normal calf.Btw the hatch grain loafer looks delicious hahaha.
Yes. It has caused heel slip on my suede monk vs calf (both Simpson last) so much so that i had to get rid of it.
I was kinda worried when I size down to UK6 from the usual UK7 for Carmina simpson but apparently it works. At least when I put them on once they arrived.
  My RTW Maverick from Spiga3.
  Just to share my 6125 Cognac Double Monk Calf in K last with Goyser stitching.
You can try Gentlemens footwear.
Hi, Planning to do it through retailers or direct with Carmina?I am rather keen to get a pair in calf now while i just received a pair of full strap in Polo suede.
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