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Hi Gentlemen,   I would like to share my first 2 pairs of Carmina after reading through some information shared in this wonderful forum.     Meanwhile, would love to see advise from the experts here on sizing. If I wish to move on to lace up oxford or a pair of monk shoes in Simpson last, what would be the right size to look at if I am now on a UK7 for the Uetam loafers.
The JLC boutique at Raffles Hotel Singapore is closed. The next nearest one would be at Marina Bay Sands. Anyway, flag ship boutiques do not exactly give much discount (if any).   This reply is in response to post#16666 on page 1112.
Hi folks,   I came across this forum many moons ago but never did i expect myself to sign up until today. I am from Singapore and i enjoy fashion though i am never a fashionable guy per say.   Weakness for shoes and still trying to learn more about it.   Hope to pick up some tips to help me dress better in the future.   Cheers, Alex
New Posts  All Forums: