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    This pair fits snugly on first try. Will update when I start wearing them.
Thanks for the information. Maybe I should try on the pair of 80342 that my wife got for me from your store few days ago. I will see the actual shoes tomorrow. Can't wait.
It's Summer throughout the year here in Singapore. Boots are quite a rare scene. Have a great weekend to all.
what last for the Ruby cordovan?
  Maiden voyage for Carmina snuff suede loafer with Uniqlo ankle socks.
 Definitely mate. This is how the shoes are shipped. In fact, I have removed the 2 little plastic sticks from the shoes.I plan to order some new shoe trees soon.
 Not really. A tracking number will be shared with you when they ship the shoes.
As we speak, my 3rd pair of Carmina (Double Monk in Simpson last) arrived from Skoak. Kudos to the team at Skoak. The shoes fit perfectly. Now I am looking forward to my 4th pair which my missus will bring back from Korea this weekend.    
 I got it wrong. I thought you ordered through Skoak.I got my Carmina snuff string loafer directly from the online store and I received it within 5 days as what Jazzmenco shared.Unbelievably quick.
 If they have your size, I think the order confirmation is within minutes. I am currently waiting for the arrival of my shoes from Skoak as well.
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