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First and the third looks great.
You can add on vibram with Vass or on your own. I may do that on my own as i find the leather a little slippery especially first few wears.F last offers more rooms at the fore foot compared to K and probably U. And i like the rounded toe shape better than chiselled toes.If you have high instep, then F may not be the best choice.
3 eyelets chukka boots on F last in Gold Museum calf arriving this week. Initially planned for dark brown museum but worried it would turn out too dark. Plan to try Walnut or Dark brown museum for next MTO.    
Size 41 for F last should be good based on your description.Cordovan usually wears slightly loose as it is more difficult to last them over calf.Good luck.
Congratulations mate. The Italian calf looks great.
Latest MTO pair from Vass. Pictures courtesy of a good friend @techaview. Mid Brown Suede in F last.  
Something unique but my next pair would probably do without.
  My side swept monk with Goyser stitch in K last. Not as comfortable as i wished it had been after a day's walking and the leather creases a little more than desired.
Yes indeed the wallet got thinner after the trip.I suspect the Otsuka RTW at 33000 yen are the imported ones (not made in Japan). Leather looks ok but would prefer those under the Otsuka Shoten range (60K to 70K range).There are still lots of undiscovered gems in Japan. Love this place.
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