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Really love my 2002 95 aero sportSaabs rule
Three can play at that game Excited never been had script label thoAlso just remembered I have a Burberry London tweed in 44R... Will send that down to you soon
Spoo is finding kapital and blue blanket I thought he didn't know anything about swd :/ I've been busy ass hell and not thrifting lately but you guys give me the itch something fierce
it me [[SPOILER]]
i wear like blood and food stained jeans with vans and a t shirt/tank top and maybe a denim western on top like every dayi'm a fraud I don't actually look like a "bawse" and my small suiting wardrobe sits untouched in lieu of band t's...
Shout out to two dudes for both the jacket and the buttons on this bad boy (you know who you are) Was asked to take a fit pic with the piece and since I haven't done a thrift fit in a loooonnnnhggh time here we go Prl made in USA db from forum homies Chambray button down whose brand I am embarrassed to say (lands end custom) thrifted by me Prl Italy chinos fleabay Random free chiseled captoes from spoo that I originally got a for a friend but snagged for myself once I...
piccolo is the third gren weave but as you said that one is fina after all
yep but I didn't thrift it either, it came as a freebie in a trade with drivingincarswithpocketsquares whose sf handle i have forgotten
grail since seventh grade when I first got into vintage skate graphics@noob and I were just talking about this actuallyjeff grosso toy box deck, graphics only visible under the wheelbase but I knew what it was the moment I saw it  [[SPOILER]]   if it was mint it would be worth like 2k as it is now, it's going to go into my personal collection until the end of time also found, a brooks brothers country club silk sweater for myself that I have been waiting to go down to $1...
you have any decks lying around... I only own repops...
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