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Eazy I just wish the pants were slightly high rise and the button stance on the phineous was a little lower (or maybe not it is hard to tell with it unbuttoned)
yeah being one of the alltime best fits on the forum it really needs a full length shot
Everyone back the fuck off this is mine
I'm not done yet I have some boxes on deck I've been meaning to set you, I hope you like Versace Haha yeah that was from a while back when I sent the dude the wrong kiton but it's all good now put it in the que
I am lowkey hoping I was downgraded to pocketsquare status, there was some heat in the last batch...
Grail Includes jello Biafra spoken word
realized the best shirt couldn't be seen (it is for a sperm bank) N/A
What's the deal with the drakes on your blog Christmas come early?
A few of my finds today It was a lot of vintage USA made graphic stuff
found myself in santa barbara again and in a quick stop found some made in england doc bluchers in my size that I had been lusting after for at least 6 months also had to pass on a fantastic navy chalkstripe foulard silk lined 3/2 carrol and co suit from the 70s because of a single moth nibble...
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