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Some e thrifts Cool no name hand rolled linen pocket squares Only the green/pink one is available The elephants are very drakes Are these c&j? N/A
damnnnn that pushhead zorlackk
Yep mostly lurking, I live in Oakland now, troika has come through, hit me up if you are ever in the neighborhood
Mid haul today Only pic I could be bothered to take Found a bunch of other shit all n/a EGs fit me and are cool cinchbacks trousers so please don't pm, art is from a local gallery that represents handicapped artists...
I've been absent for a bit...Anybody recognize the maker on this sexy NA thang?Also who knew nat Nast made anything worthwhile [[SPOILER]] Also here is part of a haul from Friday so this still qualifies as brag post and not an asking makers tag questions post...
I got got you broI'll bring my stuffWe can just step out in the hallway real quick, ill do you up real nice, good price...
Will be there...
Back to the hitting stores in between class grind... Prl is silk/flax 42r ill sander is a slim and 17in neck cashmere wool blend navy full length belted German coat is like a 42-44Lish Brioni are navy super 120s trousers size 32 don't think orphan since has only waist tag on inside Charvet is rad All available
Back it up manWill go to blows over Santa Cruz(Also just copped original mag ad for the Jeff grosso from a couple weeks back)
See above post sorry about that I thought you were Brian
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