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inseam on those fantastic jpg pants?
Recent stuff Brioni cashmere is 42R and available Borellis are prob n/a Hildich and key and other Jeremy street shirt at 16.5 and available Versace stuff is n/a Jeans are kicking mule workshop 34 and available Barracuda is prob n/a size 40 Not pictured: a bunch of stuff for myself...
one time I got a mint condition lands end silk knit for 99c with free shipping
Florian you are actually horrible, I have wanted to say something a few times.... but like dude come onĀ 
i'll hit it on monday and get 30% off when I donate, hope it is still there
This is the artist formally known as Ian (change username finally) Really only post my finds on tumblr now and only a few of them Saw this recently though Cop? What price should I buy at, 30% off 50% off?
chester barrie came, it is nicer than I thought...
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