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I have that rathbone reads poe album with a different cover I din't realize that was a thingalso that steve martin album is hilarious, my uncle gave me his copy
Need some black oxfords size 11.5/12 nothing fancy just like Allen Edmonds quality... They can be punchtoe, captoe, plaintoe whatver....
Quick stop yesterday Needed to some thrift TLC after I thought I failed a calc... It turned out I aced it... But the thrift finds didn't hurt either Television t shirt (not OG probably like late 90s) N/A Taylor stitch x fairends olive jeans size 30 AVAILABLE
Why you gotta cockblock a potential sale before it even happens :/
Santa Barbara is cool And I guess finding Spike Lee edition Jordan 4's in my size for $5.50 is cool...
I actually live behind a jazz club haha if i open my window I can hear live jazz most nights
 agreed on both accounts, we literally just talked about the song/album last week so it was cool to see it pop up
Doors to school are chained because of a protest... so I went thrifting... Haven't hit vinyl in a while Taking a history of jazz class this semester, this is my profs favorite album, I've got another three behind it, cannonball adderly, Scott Joplin, and Tolkien reading some short stories from the lotr universe...
thrift fit:
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