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any news on a solid navy poplin type shirt? I believe quite a few people besides me were interested
y u no 19.5+ shoulder, if the shoulders are super duper duper unconstructed I may be able to make it workfuck it, it will work, give to me will show you with trade goodies
Not a chance spoo You want to trade band shirts for an original thunder cats t?
Today, shopped for myself Passed on Taylor stitch, recent staple zegna ect for one reason or another The stuff I ended up with is both for personal use The pic doesn't do the rubinacci justice it's divine And the filippa k is a knit baseball style cardigan jacket thing that fits perfect
Woodchuck post the rest of you haul/dibs on all in my size
Eazy that coat for your wife is 7 levels beyond next level, excellent find
Another non cm approved fit Wool USA made beanie-that huge online discounter that I can't think of the name of, they have tons of outdoor stuff but also Isaia suits Leather-eBay Prl cardi-thrift by me White t-thrift by me Jean shop jeans-spoo Prl Chelsea's-eBay
my friend is starting a trap punk band, they will sing lyrics being iced out while also being crusty and brutal, their name is 'sace as inĀ 
i got a car, if barrel and troika will pay for gas I am so down
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