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I think I'm gunna break mine out tomorrowxFit BattlexAlso I just got a suede blouson from spoo like the one you got from me I think I'm gunna try to channel some Eazy in it later this week
The one I bought retail is the third most I have spent on an item of clothing, for me it is relatively very expensive...But I would agree their pricepoint is very accessible
I don't know what that means but I am excitedAlso, thread first?(P.s. shoutout to troika for driving us around on what is probably the longest and least productive thrift run of our lives)
When I was there Jim was showing me their house brand vicuña, they had just got them in that week. I was reaching out to touch one when I realized I had a little cut on my finger that was bleeding. That could have been awful...
highest bidder on loro doubt that will last the hour
Happy birthday Ross stop by and cop some of my extra tacos
Happy birfday spoo
Nevermind, I now post before you a suit richer!
Who pulled that polo suit from auction... Square up...
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