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Getting some wang between class N/A
Cashmere pow tie, cotton etro tie, bunch of bb makers ties, j press tuxedo shirt size 15.5x33 brioni sport shirt XL random bespoke navy blazer And this I need spoo info on ALL AVAILABLE
anyone got nice dress shirts in a 16in neck with 36 or longer sleeves? Also casual chinos in a 32 waist and a 34+ inseam think uniqlo chinos or rrl officer chinos that kind of vibe
Never liked park as much as ungroomed/off trail stuff, too many eyes watching, same reason I never skated parks haha
was good back when I had a set-up that fit me hahawhy you thrift a board? boots?
If people could keep an eye out for a fleece lined denim jacket in a women's large/men's medium, a tennis skirt in 10 or L and a high waisted pleated skirt in the same size (Not for me)
Eazy that may be my favorite thrift fit ever... In honor of eazy here is me trying on the raddest ll bean bomber ever he sent me... Peep that patina and ignore the scowl I don't know how to take selfies correctly...
Suede blouson that's like a 38-40 AVAILABLE scarf and chinos for myself n/a Polo raw silk untipped tie AVAILABLE
Some e thrifts Cool no name hand rolled linen pocket squares Only the green/pink one is available The elephants are very drakes Are these c&j? N/A
New Posts  All Forums: