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38 that guide is super helpful I now realize what I thought was a short sleeve indigo noragi is actually a jinbei and I have been wearing it all wrong...
I think I'll fit right in..
those old trippy hermes ties are my favorite 
When is part two of spoos thrift thread battle narrative dropping, I've been waiting for almost a year...
he rejected my request to change my username :/
not at all what i expected ridethecliche to look like
nat as great as that haul is all around, those baby clothes are probably my favorite   also paging all fathers, these were going to someone but are now available   the tweed is brooks brothers and the madras is random plaid, both are maybe like 6-8 year old size, or smaller, or bigger, I don't really know childrens sizes    
it may be just my computer but something is fucked up with that 4 button luciano blazer listing   also bid on probably my favorite spread ever of my own items, lots of good stuff   http://www.ebay.com/cln/ian03995/my-luxeswap-items/97429541017
I'll be there if only to meet troikas plus one... Also to show off my thrifted tender co. and iron heart...
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