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will this include the chukkas?
get into collecting shit other than clothes, that's what help end my desire to keep cool stuff. Now I am inundated with art prints and kitch though....
green machine that pic confirms my suspicion that your fit is killer irl the white french cuff is killer with that hunter green bow
probably going to silverware if he will take it, it is perfectly his sizethat awesome to know its from 1953, its for myself so I don't really care about valueit is unfortunately not fishtail, did you see the unlined desert night camo fistail parka I posted a while ago its at the tailor right now to slim the sleeves and take out the rib cuff, when I pick it up an awesome fit pick will ensuesupreme decided to make the exact one this season (this is a picture of the supreme one)
haven't posted in a whileavailable [[SPOILER]] kids size brooks brothers blazer n/a (can someone date this?) [[SPOILER]]  stronghold la made in usa workshirt available kids madras blazer n/a rlpl polo availablenordstroms ocbd in the elusive 15.5/37 size, for myselfll bean made in usa chamois for myselfhand knit in ireland for myselfthis m65 with some pins of mine on it n/a fits me perfect NATAKU label info please for myself knit varsity jacket   [[SPOILER]]  ferragamo n/a...
always jelly of your non clothing findsalso I thrifted a cezanne ... [[SPOILER]]
casey you are no longer cool what happened to the minimalism black and white and nothing else WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SWAG WORKWEAR IS SO 2010
+1000this brother needs AT LEAST a 34 for ankle level negative break and a 36 for ideal 1/2in of break
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