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Cop and proxy....
1. What month and day did I join ebay? June 2000 2. How many years and months since then has it been? 14 years 2 months 3. Whats the longest adjective I have ever used in an eBay auction title? Hint - it was on a tie supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 4. What item did I recently sell for $493.88? http://www.ebay.com/itm/LUXURY-3K-Brunello-Cucinelli-Tan-Pebbled-Leather-Motorcycle-Jacket-Coat-46-NR-/310996813683?pt=US_CSA_WC_Outerwear&hash=item4868dac773 5. How many ties...
French has been killing it lately His first post has a thread first... http://frenchyfoundit.tumblr.com
I'm on a plane right now I bought in flight wifi just so I could stay up to date with this thread/giveaway That has to count for something..
I was just about to recommend similar rules...Also about 6' 5But I have a very long torso... So my tie length is probably longer(Do I win?)
You know it
@booksandtweed is a misleading scoundrelSquare up BRUH
Not to be a dick I'm stoked on the find but I don't think something you see at an estate sale you are helping to appraise counts as a thrift, especially not for the cheapiesHe would at least have to own them...
Damn the thread is on fire today!!! Got this as a secret sant gift from @jbarne last year Just got around to tailoring it and taking a fit pic... (Southwick for Paul stu custom order btw) Worn with nordys ocbds thrifted by me Ps fleabay Talbott grenadine from someone on here Florsheim imperial shell ptbs tbrifted by me (I know spoo is gunna tell me to clean my mirror...)
pm sent...
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