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Yep that's amazingSick fit man!!!
Gucci and Lang between classes Plus some batwing bow ties and a belt for myself Think spoos gunna like his next box...
Bruhhhh lemme at that
yeah but it's like a thom grey diffusion it is still expensive
Getting some wang between class N/A
Cashmere pow tie, cotton etro tie, bunch of bb makers ties, j press tuxedo shirt size 15.5x33 brioni sport shirt XL random bespoke navy blazer And this I need spoo info on ALL AVAILABLE
anyone got nice dress shirts in a 16in neck with 36 or longer sleeves? Also casual chinos in a 32 waist and a 34+ inseam think uniqlo chinos or rrl officer chinos that kind of vibe
Never liked park as much as ungroomed/off trail stuff, too many eyes watching, same reason I never skated parks haha
was good back when I had a set-up that fit me hahawhy you thrift a board? boots?
If people could keep an eye out for a fleece lined denim jacket in a women's large/men's medium, a tennis skirt in 10 or L and a high waisted pleated skirt in the same size (Not for me)
New Posts  All Forums: