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+1 I found his stuff a while  ago but knew the norfolk would go for more than $50 total shipped that I limit myself to for e-thrifts, glad a thread member got it though
Hope so I was the high bidder for 12 hours at 42 then it skyrocketed
Nevermind not driving into sf to have a 50% chance of getting into a bar to talk about clothing, count me out on this one
please show up back in berkeley wearing sleeveless barbera dresses with chelsea boots next fall... 
bid early bid often bid high 
fuck it I figure I have to hold it down for the young guns while henry is back in sb, put my maybe down as a yes
Oh shit I forgot you went there I checked in with most my sb friends but I feel bad I forgot to check in with you, glad you're all right, I was actually in slo this weekend it would have been good to meetup although I despise thrifting thereStopped off at a random store on the drive back to the Bay Area like an hour ago and found theseBunch of raw silk and wool challis and madras talbotts not picturedThe package I have waiting for me from silverware is the only thing...
1. Alan flussers steinmart collection is killer if you have the stones to wear it and live in the south 2. You guys have given me the itch super badly, finished school last week, immediately visited relatives in San Louis obisbo but now I'm on my back to the bay and I'm hitting it HARD 3. Eazy that is probably my favorite haul in a long long time
Possibly in if they don't card but two e-gent meetups in two weeks make be too often for me...
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