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Last two days, all N/A    
Anyone else's thrift thread on mobile randomly linking you to the good housekeeping website before your page finishes loading......?
normally I don't care when the thread gets heated but this is fucked up...
Nah don't post itIt's just a little doodleI was gunna do a larger drawing or painting or something but then finals and life got in the way...
What can I say I really want a drakesxluxeswap ps...
those golfing squares are excellent!
oh and thanks spoo!
got the same one... I guess i'm not wearing that to the next meetup haha
I think at least that suede belted safari coat and that drakes ps but probably a LOT more too that we haven't seen yet...*edit* and $$$$$also who was it on here that is wellwornwornwell? his blog is one of my top checked sites... 
I have that rathbone reads poe album with a different cover I din't realize that was a thingalso that steve martin album is hilarious, my uncle gave me his copy
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