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anybody have a 42 barracuda g9 they want to trade for a 40?
dude this is my real name on here I am not tryna share everything
haha sorry yeah the top the obviously suede but the bottom/side is leather let me get you some better pics, can I pm them to you?
ascot chang definitely allen Edmonds yes especially in mint condition but people don't really get excited about allen Edmonds on the forum but go ahead and post they are still a good brag     SUP FELLAS spent all of yesterday skating between thrift shops and 711s and having a great time, I learned wallrides and lazerflips and became the king of hippy hops and layouts   first up is the oldest piece I have ever found COULD SOMEONE VERIFY AND DATE THE UNION TAG AND LOOK AT...
Found my oldest piece today and it is outerwear with turnback cuffs patch pockets and a 3/2 stance not to mention being windowpane Will post later
taking padding out is crazy easy you can take it to your tailor or even do it yourself
after destroying my other chore jacket yesterday by trying to get all crafty I found a new one today at goodwill its mainline levis pretending to be lvc or boring eg
literally just sewed two buttons but thanks I don't think I am leaning towards liking it but either way win win because now the waywt thread knows what my feet and bathroom looks like
I heard noragis and cardigans and chore jackets were cool... SO I MADE A NORAGI CARDIGAN CHORE JACKET   I can't tell if this is great or horrible but it breathed new life into a piece I was going to throw away feedback would be greatly appreciated
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