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fuck moth holes I found my punk friend a super sick orphan (like he cares) from that one dude in the 60s who made ultra modern mod suits without breast pockets and stuff, it fit like it was made for him but have crazy moth damage
Uniqlo, hickey, club Monaco, lvc, cp
looking for navy or other conservative solid color braces with silver colored hardware
Get it in bp
You own too much shit bro
Most the mens shit sucked IMHO and the piqué t and the sweats were long gone by the time I got on board
 I have a pair of Malvern and have been wanting to try out the amoks as an alternative I may bite the bullet in. the most recent round of discounts
Shout out to barrel and troika picking me up and hooking me up with the only 40 XL suit with size tabs ever to exist Also handserhund where were you bro
 had some size 15 vans in a store a while back I can go checkout It is a comfort knowing there are people taller than me
New Posts  All Forums: