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I go by "the batman"
Nah I'd say it wins about 3.5
Lol try looking up button stance vs gorge
Re: braces My needs in that area have been met
Jacket and tieAlso acme that cane blade is the best find in the thread ever
Looking for some real comfy, soft, flannel trousers preferably in a light grey with a 32 waist and enough room in the leg for a 34 inseam with cuff, I don't mind pleats but I don't prefer them
I have decided to make the mmm and the 3x1 available both are slightly too big in the waist at 34 and the j leg on the mmm is too cool for me
Your posts are my favorite because that are always so unfussy unpretentious and comfortable lookingAlso cocososa teach me how to carry my height as well as you
Freshman year I was 5' 8 same chest waist length ect as the "average man" now I am a 6' 5 190lb freak
Gmmcl: no
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