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I better re-do my entire fit then...
was browsing ebay and thought of spoo when I found these...
Here is my super struggle bathroom selfie train wreck This was crazy hard for me because I hate pattern and pretty much only own solid staples Andover shop, gant rugger, etro, vintage, Harry Rosen, Allen Edmonds
What about black Chelsea boots?
my copy is pristine and was free because it was part of my dads record collection
This is the only instruction you need
Wait where is this John barrow man pic fob (I wish they would explain how he became the fob)
not better than the blade cane but #2 in months for sure
I did it! the epaulet shirt is mine!
I am just hard on my clothes but those elbow rips are a failed tre flip off a loading dockI am going to patch it up with inky indigo fabric scraps for maximum JapanesetradfetishwearAlso spoo I hate you, I look deep deep into the odds and ends section at every store and have yet to find a single thing
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