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that wasn't meant to be a complaint that no one has responded but that no one would see it, sometimes the last thing posted on a page gets skipped when you click on your subscribed thread its a cardigan the second jacket is literally the best thing ever I just have't figured out how to style it/what setting it belongs in I am sad because double monks
fuck getting lost on the bottom of the page
alright second post just got a yoox package of some shirts first up is a cool ass pique (aka polo material) button down with rubber buttons and a slate grey color uniqlo, magliaro, rrl, common projects   the second is a dark washed denim with mop buttons and a great spread collar vintage prl, xacus, incotex, allen edmonds
Cop the ugliest ones you can find in size XL price them at 80 wait a day and they will all be sold and you have doubled your money
wut all supreme shit is made in usa?
Spoo bought some cool shit from me (still waiting on a fit pic...) and I spent all the money on the supreme drop I don't know who I am anymore
Too farLeave cola alone just because his sense of aesthetic is different from swd groupthink doesn't mean you need to stoop to that level
Nocturne as are one as most of that fit is the cardigan would be 10x better a size or two upKen p the sweater is amazing but in its current context it does look like an aging prep accidentally put on his bathrobe instead of a jacket I would like to see it with maybe a paisley shirt like premes from last season or maybe a white t and black jeans or a dark navy shirt and white pants and black boots
+10000Also mzhammer needs to post a Kiton suit fit
Shit I need to switch churches
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