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Favorite stichey fit ever maybe I don't even mind the double monks
Thanks for the link stichey. No idea if this is appropriate but you guys can flame me if you hate itX-post
I will on TuesdayI'm thinking Chelsea boots, drapey knit, and slouchy T
pre dibsing any 46 or XL barbour waxed jackets, bedale, beafort ect. I am trying to get one for my dads Christmas present
is there a main classic menswear waywt thread or is this the most active?
420 blaze it stay turnt 666 swag yolo
Weekly church thrift fitPrl, j press, handmade pocket square out of a tie I got from eazy, 3x1, ae [[SPOILER]]
but lets be real mostly because of me
Just thrifted these mmm jeans yesterday first time wearing Hickey cashmere, Hanes, mmm, dacks
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