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pm or google if you are actually curious if not just block me or quit this stupid derail of my writing which very few people besides you seem to have a major problem withand I genuinely think you are a nice dude so can you lay off the fucking talking down
 this is one of the most flawed things I have ever read(I mean besides my own writing)
 5 is the highest possible 3 is passing
dAWGG I GOT a 5 on both English AP TEsts I     ,,,, know HoW to GramMAr and write bu t it is a forum I BE COMMUNICATING STREAM OF CONSCIENCE IN A WAY THAT IS SOMEWHAT UNDERSTANDABLE
fuck moth holes I found my punk friend a super sick orphan (like he cares) from that one dude in the 60s who made ultra modern mod suits without breast pockets and stuff, it fit like it was made for him but have crazy moth damage
Uniqlo, hickey, club Monaco, lvc, cp
looking for navy or other conservative solid color braces with silver colored hardware
Get it in bp
You own too much shit bro
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