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I am just hard on my clothes but those elbow rips are a failed tre flip off a loading dockI am going to patch it up with inky indigo fabric scraps for maximum JapanesetradfetishwearAlso spoo I hate you, I look deep deep into the odds and ends section at every store and have yet to find a single thing
im a 42xl depending on other measurements :)
 and will now to relegated to a respectable end of life as a gardening and camping shirt(I am debating whether to try to patch it or let it die with dignity)
A moment of silence for a fallen comrade
 just tried it I will get pics of the results in a few days hopefully I didn't ruin it
does anyone have experience shrinking a leather jacket?
does anyone have experience shrinking a leather jacket?
 its because you forgot to put "amazeballs" in your listings
I think all the money I am potentially going to make this week is going back to spoo, amazing stuff in this lot
I don't mind quarters that closed but it look weird on a 3/2
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