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to be fair I just did the same thing
Almost forgot this earlier I can't let my selfies go to waste Prl-member Uniqlo-sale Levi's-eBay Ae belt-member Ae shoes-by me in Michigan Btw is anyone going to the meetup on Thursday? I'm looking at you barrel
I think that outerwear section brought a tear to my eye
Good thing you are super into cm and especially tweed you have a package headed your way
^I own the same pair of sorels, no idea on flip though   ALSO WHO IS A 17 SHOULDER????
looking for beefroll pennys preferably pebblegrain tan and with a crepe soul, think quoddy yutketan rancourt ect. size 11.5 or 12 have aldens and other nice shoes in that size to trade or a bunch of other items or cash please please please someone have these
1. I was at church so t's and denim don't really fly2. They are chinos3. I was at church I don't really want a punch in my outfit I ain't tryna peacock4. This jacket would look horrible with jeans and a t and I am still on the quest for the perfect casual swd approved jacket, brands, fabrics, fit, details would be appreciated
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