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So excited that this thread exists
Sorry to lower the quality of the thread today (which is insane fuck all y'all) Camel hair polo coat 17.5 shoulder 21 ptp 19 waist 25 sleeve 42 boc
That's what is was rain camo I remember Baldwin did some rain camo camp pants a while ago Also I work out and eat a bunch but I have always done that, my shoulder have just recently gotten way bigger and the billy Reid fits like a 42L not a 44R
Damn it!!!! The billy Reid fits me but I don't need clothes
Hit up a vintage store and raped them Popped my billy Reid cherry, dual vents made in Italy canvassed lots of pick sticking size 44 available And a d&g shirt that seemed familiar does anyone remember the collection the weird half pattern half white with artwork details on the bottom was? Also Nataku signal I seem to remember this pattern is mad rare but I didn't want to drop any money without your approval
 jus do what I do and keep quoting it until someone thumbs your post just to get you to stopit makes me feel fuzzy inside
so just to clarify you can post your finds on that date even if you have not found all the items?
barrellllll proxy that iron heart at cost (this might work if you are still drunk...) and 38R I didn't realize you lived around here, you, me, barrel, and troika should get together and thrift and since none of us are the same size we wont have to fight over stuff
In this round do we have a list yet?
One long ass anime like 700 episodes and don't even get me started on the manga
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