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NAT: could I get a confirm or deny on the camo?
Couple finds for 2 hours of thrifting which is unheard of dedication for me, I am worried about how well the black label cardi will do though since it is a crazy color and is obviosly Cashmere but isn't tagged if you can deal with those 2 things it is a size L and available Passed on a woolrich jacket in the style of anfilson mackinaw cruiser since it was prices at $45 can proxy it was a size small Also passed on what I think was an erdl jacket but it was probably...
I am so excited to wear street wear to a meetupAlso If you bring your car I have some things I wanna bring to consign with you
Midgets both of you
ill be there! I have been debating a gustin purchase for about a month, it will we good to see their wares in person!
it feels amazeballs
turns out the camel polo coat is a womans. is anyones wife/girlfriend/mistress roughly the size of eazy e
So excited that this thread exists
Sorry to lower the quality of the thread today (which is insane fuck all y'all) Camel hair polo coat 17.5 shoulder 21 ptp 19 waist 25 sleeve 42 boc
That's what is was rain camo I remember Baldwin did some rain camo camp pants a while ago Also I work out and eat a bunch but I have always done that, my shoulder have just recently gotten way bigger and the billy Reid fits like a 42L not a 44R
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