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I am getting rid of my black rrl 30x34 and my lvc 1967 505s 31x34 and am on the hunt for a pair of jeans with a 32 waist and at least a 36 inseam and wider than an 8 inch leg opening, THEY DO NOT EXIST ANYWHERE EVEN IF I AM PREPARED TO SPEND CRAZY MONEY SOMEONE THRIFT THESE NON EXISTANT JEANS FOR ME
Saw a woman at church this morning whose necklace looked exactly like that visvim chain she must be John mayers grandma or something
 not so much as a thumb :(
first time out since I found the mmm and 3x1 and momotaro cherry popped on drakes and bi color knites
I better re-do my entire fit then...
was browsing ebay and thought of spoo when I found these... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ferrari-Brown-Leather-Driving-Gloves-Large-XL-/261297606127?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Gloves_Mittens&hash=item3cd68d0def
Here is my super struggle bathroom selfie train wreck This was crazy hard for me because I hate pattern and pretty much only own solid staples Andover shop, gant rugger, etro, vintage, Harry Rosen, Allen Edmonds
What about black Chelsea boots?
my copy is pristine and was free because it was part of my dads record collection
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