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one was very similar but in red and purple and brown
well damnthis place had a few more cool camo things I will go back on Monday maybe and take pics
NAT: could I get a confirm or deny on the camo?
Couple finds for 2 hours of thrifting which is unheard of dedication for me, I am worried about how well the black label cardi will do though since it is a crazy color and is obviosly Cashmere but isn't tagged if you can deal with those 2 things it is a size L and available Passed on a woolrich jacket in the style of anfilson mackinaw cruiser since it was prices at $45 can proxy it was a size small Also passed on what I think was an erdl jacket but it was probably...
I am so excited to wear street wear to a meetupAlso If you bring your car I have some things I wanna bring to consign with you
Midgets both of you
ill be there! I have been debating a gustin purchase for about a month, it will we good to see their wares in person!
it feels amazeballs
turns out the camel polo coat is a womans. is anyones wife/girlfriend/mistress roughly the size of eazy e
So excited that this thread exists
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