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+10000 you guys rule, shout out to everyone that has pm'd me advice/compliments/ect. Either about thrifting or life
I've made it I'm tumblr famous
The tote or the ripped off filson I got at urban outfitter like 4 years ago in my pre sf days?
first of all college fucking rules here is what I wore on my first day also is any of you want to follow my shitty menswear blog that would be chill lengthylapels.tumblr.com/ I had time to doodle between classes... but more importantly THRIFT zero experience with this brand but apparently an sf tailor, some info would be appreciated, and if someone could date the union tag that would be cool two jacket almost the exact same details (dual vents ticket pocket ect.) but...
On the Bart ride back from my first day of college It was awesome I have a huge amount of free time to thrift my gym is right next to my college Pics later first Versace that wasn't a tie I felt was worth a pick up. 3/2 pockets still basted brown cord jacket, slim, cool lining, high gorge ect. Size 36 first piece I have seen that is that small available but tentative dibs by the Ian that runs from squalor to baller Bb makers tie to pay for the Bart ride Two bespoke? Mtm? I...
Coming up, Versace Versace
I think it was also a brief mtm line?
Glad someone leapt on that, all the good stuff looks to be gone now, I don't understand how I didn't get more responses on that you guys should stop sleeping on deals, the only thing close to my size was the thom Browne shirt and that was like $45 so I wasn't about to drop that much since it is only like $20 less than what they seem to go for on eBay most of the time.Also the nasty gal business model is different she did alterations and changed the clothes afaik no one...
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