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I hate myself so much right nowI am sorry I was pissy with you wes
I would disagree that a cashmere plaid 3/2 blazer by zenga is in any way a -1
Why am I not garnering the instant praise a youth of my generation requires YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME I AM A SPECIAL FLOWER
First one piece collar I have ever handled POSSIBLY A THREAD FIRST and first barbera I found that wasn't damaged or women's (it also feels like it is part wool or cashmere or some luxe shit like that but I can't find any content tag) Also a zenga cashmere plaid 3/2 jacket in size eu 56
 is that a lands end Shetland? if so I have the same one
I am getting rid of my black rrl 30x34 and my lvc 1967 505s 31x34 and am on the hunt for a pair of jeans with a 32 waist and at least a 36 inseam and wider than an 8 inch leg opening, THEY DO NOT EXIST ANYWHERE EVEN IF I AM PREPARED TO SPEND CRAZY MONEY SOMEONE THRIFT THESE NON EXISTANT JEANS FOR ME
Saw a woman at church this morning whose necklace looked exactly like that visvim chain she must be John mayers grandma or something
 not so much as a thumb :(
first time out since I found the mmm and 3x1 and momotaro cherry popped on drakes and bi color knites
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