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Very upset I missed out on that black grenadine...
YEPHmu put this on roundup
Sure why not...
Sup guys, Wanted to read a good chunk of this thread before I posted questions but haven't had the time Any chance there is any newbie photo tips guide floating around in terms of what setups work best?
Hope I pull another chetb and find a Barcelona chair...
Playdice consistently finds the best stuff in the thread please never stop posting
'Sup remember me? highlights past couple days - just finished finals week N/A both brionis were found by my girlfriend all available recent minty zegna tux size 42 AVAILABLE zegna multiseason black orphan N/A size 36 minty zegna x incotex light grey mid weight trousers AVAILABLE lily pulitzer blazer - u ready to repeat last spring spoo? alph ma1 N/A OG rei co op anorak N/A SYNERGY
thanks spoo! (this is the one I linked you to like a year ago right?)
that polo tux..... 
at that length it would mess with my sick tre-flips, pass
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