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polo italys are made by the same people that do guccis rtw but i dont know who that is :/
Hermes looks real and Ben silver looks like garza grossa
Chet b That is probably my favorite fit posted to the thread in recent memory v jealous of the rayon shirt, I almost bought those uniqlo pants but then I was like fuck paying $30 for pants
when the orlebar browns going up? and what is their price point?
damn it, too small, will probably throw in a couple bids on the shorts I currently own none (gmh fuck off these are mine)
how about the postolls shortalso please tell me the suede prl ma1 runs wayyyyy large!!!
Nvm keeping n&f let hem out and they are long enough stop pming me
Bought stuff for myself today that isn't pictured Copped this to offset costs very rad and very available
Do want something used in midsummer murders Barrel lookin good as always hmu when you get back I got shits for u Also anyone based in Santa Barbara and want to meet up later this week possibly?
changing listing to 12D $7000 buy it now send paypal immediately(really though I am an 11.5/12 and these fit me fine, the majority of my footwear are 12s)
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