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Another quick stop between classes - sure why not? BOTH AVAILABLE - isaia is a 41  
1. I haven't received any PMs yet2. I know somebody wants that gren3. GET AT ME
I seem to always be in class or doing hw so haven't felt much of the thriftening but I stopped in a store for like 5 min yesterday and came out with this..   ALL AVAILABLE (except gucci trousers) -kiton is a 15 with some yellowing around collar that oxy should get rid of -grey tie is anon grenadine garza gross 3.25 width
Just had a buyer that joined ebay yesterday and has 0 feedback, how would you guys recommend I proceed?
allen edmonds PARK AVENUE black 11 D SHOE TREES usa oxfor...   alden fullstrap penny loafer burgandy 683 10 b/d usa brown cordovan Aberdeen     UNANSWERED QUSTIO RECENT brioni mens stripe shirt 16 blue orange white...
back in the bay todays stuff talbott poly/silk graphic with dudes running, yale co-op untipped wool challis, canali (most recent label?) charvet redonk champion creckneck with a useless zipper for belly button access? @PLaydice any info? supreme flannel, been had hat, specials tee for me  neil barrett mercer and sons in my size! all available except mercer and sons + specials
Slightly too big for you is perfect for me, expect a bid
the silk bb is fire, yours? also - measurements?
Got this hanging above my minimally populated tie rack
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