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back in the bay todays stuff talbott poly/silk graphic with dudes running, yale co-op untipped wool challis, canali (most recent label?) charvet redonk champion creckneck with a useless zipper for belly button access? @PLaydice any info? supreme flannel, been had hat, specials tee for me  neil barrett mercer and sons in my size! all available except mercer and sons + specials
Slightly too big for you is perfect for me, expect a bid
the silk bb is fire, yours? also - measurements?
Got this hanging above my minimally populated tie rack
In LA have filled a trash bag - highlights
Very upset I missed out on that black grenadine...
YEPHmu put this on roundup
Sure why not...
Sup guys, Wanted to read a good chunk of this thread before I posted questions but haven't had the time Any chance there is any newbie photo tips guide floating around in terms of what setups work best?
Hope I pull another chetb and find a Barcelona chair...
New Posts  All Forums: