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Lol Friday
Lol Veterans Day
Someone in my area fell out of love with workwear recently... All size L all AVAILABLE 2x j crew selvage denim chambray work shirts (red + blue) 1x j crew wool work shirt (blue) 1x Taylor stitch oxford (white) 1x Taylor stitch chambray work shirt (blue) *edit* Happy Birthday Spoo!
Lol Halloween
Buick pin for thrifties
Quick stopall AVAILABLE  [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]  Oldest Carroll and Co I have come across, really well cut and very soft shoulder, unfortunately atypical measurements18 shoulder, 24 PTP 29BOC 24 sleeve @capnwes are those close?   
Quick stop POP - M availableThese look slightly off to me @SpooPoker care to set me straight? Available [[SPOILER]]
First win in a while - Thanks Spoo!
All available - PM for measurements/offers ABSOLUTELY MINT Canali suit, flat front dual vents 40R  [[SPOILER]]  various ties, the three without labels are Ralph Lauren Purple label (the navy white stripe is particularly nice)bb bracesAlexander Wang vest M (fits large)  [[SPOILER]]  LVC sunset popover XL [[SPOILER]]
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