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navy wool zegnas and what look to be black cotton loro pianas
couple of those trousers were in 32 and looked pretty long any of them at a 34/35 inseam or have enough to let out?
fuck Ayn Rand
quick stop between classes yesterday
I need some suiting that doesn't suck, hit me up with rad stuff in 40-42 long
but missy elliot tho....
yeah just a little fuzz off no holes,it's definitely the same one i'm also in the bay area, but I almost never hit that store because I know longer live by there, in high school i hit that place up all the time though
I didn't pass on it this week...was it because of the price, or the morth nibbles?
@FlorianQC that purple label i posted is an xxl and a peacoat and wool/cashmere and would fit you, hmu
lol football  
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