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In the market for a tuxedo shirt with a 15.5 or 16 neck and a 36 sleeve Has to be an actual tuxedo shirt, either covered placket or full on pleats and studs
Already gone
Pretty sure it is Norman Hilton
First time out since Christmas, sure why not Linen/super 100s 42L available   also paging @Nataku should I have copped?  
First win in a while, thank Spoo!
Selling some of my #menswear shoes Down for cash or trades Looking for black ptbs and black chelseas/military boots/side zips in 11.5/12  Shell florsheim ptbs 11.5D  [[SPOILER]]  Polo Ralph Lauren brown suede chelseas with danite soles 12D  [[SPOILER]] Cole Haan/Braggamo calfskin slippers 12D    [[SPOILER]]  Anon benchmade in england suede wingtips for Saks 5th Avenue [[SPOILER]] Allen Edmonds Park Avenues 11D    [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]] Also this guy
Frenchy, that drafting table is my favorite find in a long time
Double00 I donated that tie...
Let me snag at least one of the tuxes...
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