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Already gone
Pretty sure it is Norman Hilton
First time out since Christmas, sure why not Linen/super 100s 42L available   also paging @Nataku should I have copped?  
First win in a while, thank Spoo!
Selling some of my #menswear shoes Down for cash or trades Looking for black ptbs and black chelseas/military boots/side zips in 11.5/12  Shell florsheim ptbs 11.5D  [[SPOILER]]  Polo Ralph Lauren brown suede chelseas with danite soles 12D  [[SPOILER]] Cole Haan/Braggamo calfskin slippers 12D    [[SPOILER]]  Anon benchmade in england suede wingtips for Saks 5th Avenue [[SPOILER]] Allen Edmonds Park Avenues 11D    [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]] Also this guy
Frenchy, that drafting table is my favorite find in a long time
Double00 I donated that tie...
Let me snag at least one of the tuxes...
Lol Friday
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