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Damn the thread is on fire today!!! Got this as a secret sant gift from @jbarne last year Just got around to tailoring it and taking a fit pic... (Southwick for Paul stu custom order btw) Worn with nordys ocbds thrifted by me Ps fleabay Talbott grenadine from someone on here Florsheim imperial shell ptbs tbrifted by me (I know spoo is gunna tell me to clean my mirror...)
pm sent...
Eazy I just wish the pants were slightly high rise and the button stance on the phineous was a little lower (or maybe not it is hard to tell with it unbuttoned)
yeah being one of the alltime best fits on the forum it really needs a full length shot
Everyone back the fuck off this is mine
I'm not done yet I have some boxes on deck I've been meaning to set you, I hope you like Versace Haha yeah that was from a while back when I sent the dude the wrong kiton but it's all good now put it in the que
I am lowkey hoping I was downgraded to pocketsquare status, there was some heat in the last batch...
Grail Includes jello Biafra spoken word
realized the best shirt couldn't be seen (it is for a sperm bank) N/A
What's the deal with the drakes on your blog Christmas come early?
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