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 I have two or three pairs where the blue part has frayed to some degree. I wash mine two or three times before I get them hemmed.  Once the outer seam (stitched to the herringbone) is as wrinkly as my old pairs I figure they've finished shrinking.  Once is never enough.
Will the MTO shirts be offered without darts again at some point?   Thanks!
Nordstrom sells replacement wolverine laces for $10.  I think the shipping is free but I'm not sure.
 I like Epaulet trousers.  They have some stores in NY but I've only bought online.
Do you guys have to wrap the laces around your ankle cause it's too loose at the top?  Can you not just tie them tighter?
I wore through the lining right by the edge of the plastic toe reinforcement and now it is exposed and rubs my foot.  Has anyone had this sort of thing fixed before?  How much?
Yep, that's a Buttero sneaker.
   That would be great.  I happened upon this image a few days ago:  
 I have a pair of oxfords with full length insoles that have come loose at the front and are bunching up about halfway down.  I think the glue just came loose.
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