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Nordstrom sells them online.
 I wouldn't wear the strand with jeans.  I think you would get a lot more use out of something like the AE Leeds.  Lots of companies make a PTB shoe.  If you want new, J Crew probably has a lower quality version for cheap.
 similar coat from epaulet: http://epauletnewyork.com/products/epla-doyle-jacket-washed-navy-duck-canvas
Do you size down on the Buttero sidezips?  If so how many sizes?  I wear a 9.5E in Barrie shoes is this closest to a 42?   Thanks!
Does chromexcel stretch more than cavalier leather?
Brand new, never worn or tried on.  Unlined natural chromexcel beefroll penny loafer.     See details here: http://oakstreetbootmakers.com/footwear/natural-chromexcel-beefroll-penny-loafer   $225 OBO Shipped to CONUS.          
 When I purchased shoes from them I was able to use my credit card on the website.  There is a box on the order form to put in the model number.  I certainly wouldn't mail a check to Adam or anyone else claiming to be Adam.
This is a cigar shoe with mid tan from AOC about a year ago.  
I'm guessing its an autocorrect error since googling the store name tells me it's actually in Pacific Centre.
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