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I love the shirts but really wish they came with spare buttons.  I have four shirts that aren't very old, but three of them have lost a button.  I have some free replacements on the way from TS, but 75% of my TS shirts are out of service while I wait.   Just a suggestion.
Nordstrom sells them online.
 I wouldn't wear the strand with jeans.  I think you would get a lot more use out of something like the AE Leeds.  Lots of companies make a PTB shoe.  If you want new, J Crew probably has a lower quality version for cheap.
 similar coat from epaulet: http://epauletnewyork.com/products/epla-doyle-jacket-washed-navy-duck-canvas
TS sizing is pretty sketchy.  Probably why new shirts sell out in a few hours.  Everyone that wants one has to buy three sizes and return the two that don't fit.   Love my white 40 oxford though.
Do you size down on the Buttero sidezips?  If so how many sizes?  I wear a 9.5E in Barrie shoes is this closest to a 42?   Thanks!
Does chromexcel stretch more than cavalier leather?
Brand new, never worn or tried on.  Unlined natural chromexcel beefroll penny loafer.     See details here: http://oakstreetbootmakers.com/footwear/natural-chromexcel-beefroll-penny-loafer   $225 OBO Shipped to CONUS.          
 When I purchased shoes from them I was able to use my credit card on the website.  There is a box on the order form to put in the model number.  I certainly wouldn't mail a check to Adam or anyone else claiming to be Adam.
This is a cigar shoe with mid tan from AOC about a year ago.  
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