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Seems like the linen shirts just restocked online.
Isaora Cuffed Judo Pants. Black, Size L (NWT)   New with tags. Just got these and they're too big for me. I'd love to trade them for a medium, or $180 shipped (or best offer).   PRICE DROP: $120 shipped or best offer   ~19" waistband across the front. 53% cotton, 47% tencel
I have a merino tshirt and a henley, and the insulated shirt.  The mediums for all of them fit great on me, and I'm 6'3", 200 lbs, 41" chest. They're all pretty long which is nice if you're tall.
Nope, flyknit chukkas.
Thanks for the feedback, the MA-1 is Uniqlo. Honestly, I have to agree on the shape since it's pretty ovoid. I'll try the sweats with different tops and shoes sometime.  And day off isn't really an excuse, because that's when I can try to play with things I wouldn't wear to work.
Comfy day off:  
Uniqlo/TOJ/Uniqlo/Uniqlo/Nike   Nexus 5 camera is weird
TOJ/Uniqlo/Uniqlo/random GATs from ebay
My TOJ0 just arrived!  
Kinda shit pictures but these are my Gustin Grey x Black in 34 slim after a week or so:           I backed a pair of Okayama Standards, do y'all think I should I size up to 35, try the 34 straight, or stick with 34 slim?
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