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Pretty simple today with Encre Noire but I was surprised by a comment I received: "You smell like sesame oil."   I think I might have to put this one at the back of the line for a while now...
Comme des Garcons x Monocle Sugi. I like this but the longevity/sillage is weak. Not full bottle worthy but rather nice while it is around.
I finally saw some grass for the first time in a week+ so I opted for something a little verdant: Le Labo Rose 31. Out of season but... whatever.
Needed something that could handle 40 degrees early and 70 degrees later in the day so I went with Gucci Pour Homme II. Nothing else in my wardrobe struck me as something that I'd like at both points. Contemplated Declaration d'un Soir and ELdO Like This but gave the nod to GPHII.
Creed Aventus END OF THREAD LOCK IT UP BOYS. /basenotes
SOTD: Etat Libre D'Orange - Afternoon of a Faun
I have and love Thierry Mugler cologne. It is similar but more straighforward. The AdP is considerably more nuanced but both are great. Can't beat the price on the TM. And speaking of TM, it's Pure Malt today. I think I'm allowed to smell boozy on a Friday.
Comme des Garcons Skai. I think this is the perfume robots would wear.   Just picked up some "classics" from Parfum1 for really cheap: Caron Pour un Homme, Bvlgari Black, and then a Fragrantica classic, VC+A Midnight in Paris. Also snagged samples of the new ELDOs -- excited about Afternoon of the Faun or whatever the name is. Curious to see what samples they'll throw in for that... probably some Beyonce Heat or something.
So... being a US resident that isn't within 200 miles of one of the stores that are carrying the collection, I can buy nothing. Neat?
Bond No 9 - Cooper Square... sample is almost gone. I really like this but I don't think I love it. There's a note I think I love (I'm pretty sure its myrrh). Anyone have any thoughts on or favorite fragrances with a prominent myrrh note?
New Posts  All Forums: