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  I was just thinking about ordering a pair of AE's, but their selection is abysmal. I'm still losing a lot of weight, so shirts may be a good option while I'm in transition. Eventually I want to try one of the online custom tailored shirts (but thats for another thread)
I received a $150 gift card to Jos. Banks, and need some input on what to use it on. I am thinking maybe a few shoe trees, but I need some new pants.   Does anyone know anything about whether their pants are any good? What else might be acceptable quality?
  This. I've tried to wear my black PA's with business casual, and it just doesn't work. It's a clash of formality. 
  1 odd color seems weird to me. Also, I'm thinking 3 piece for me, and the rest just lounge suits.
I'm getting married this August, and our wedding is going to be small. I know that the idea isn't to have the groomsmen match, but with a total of only three groomsmen I think it could look silly if I don't give them instructions. My thoughts are to instruct them to wear a navy suit. I'm going to go with a three piece navy suit with white linnen pocket square.    Keep in mind that two of the three groomsmen don't even own a suit, and I'm making them buy...
  I don't know if taking out $150-$200k in student loans is ever a good move. Although, the decision is mutlifaceted . For instance,  it's T3 or bust for academia. T14 gives him a good shot at BIGLAW, but I'd suggest avoiding BIGLAW unless you plan on having no life forever. If you aren't doing BIGLAW, then you're looking at lifestyle firms and small firms. These usually pay anywhere from 40-80k depending on the firm. You'll struggle to pay back $150-200k on those...
  Yeah! I was really hesitant at first, but I am really liking the walnut. It'll make a nice addition to my casual shoe collection (which is really just getting started)
Just got a new pair of Sanfords in walnut.      (sorry for the under exposure here)   And now I have two pairs of AE shoes. (Sanford and Park Avenue)    
Don't go to law school unless you get a full ride or near a full ride. 
  Yeah, I was thinking this as well. Still, nice pics in this thread. 
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