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So far thats two places: Paul Stuart and BB.  Anyone have any other suggestions of places to look for $1k or under?
I'm just in a bit of a crunch right now because I'm studying for the bar. I'd really like to be able to shop after I take it at the end of the month, but I don't know if thats enough time.
Anyone know the average turn around time on tailoring?
  I don't really know anything about Paul Stuart. How does the quality compare to other suit makers? Do they offer good price to quality ratio?
I'll be the first to admit that I've put off the search for far to long. I need a suit before August 24th for my wedding. I'm in the Chicago area and I'm thinking about Brooks Brothers, but I don't know what else is around here. I'm trying to keep the complete package (suit and tailoring) under $1,000.    For what its worth, I'm going to wear my black park ave's and a typical black/white or sliver wedding tie (plaids and checks). I'm probably going to buy my...
      Do jeans work with both the wingtip oxfords and the semi-brogue bluchers pictured above (both in walnut)?    
  New Pair of AE Mcallister in Walnut. Opted to go with bar lacing this time. (also going to relace my PAs) 
Yeah, now that I think about it black is probably a bad choice.    I suppose I'll just have to scour the net for pictures.
  Yeah. I wasn't really sure what color to suggest. I suggested perhaps a black dresses, but she said that black is way too formal. I thought black dresses were okay. I just need some resources to help. Anyone have anything good?
I decided to go with navy suits for the groomsmen (I'm going with a 3-piece). The wedding is small and there are only three groomsmen, so I'm buying them all wedding ties. However, now my bride is freaking out about the bridesmaids dresses not matching the navy. She says that there are no rules like there are for men, and that nothing works with navy. I don't think this is true, but I haven't been able to find any documentation regarding women's attire.    The...
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