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  i really love lanolin Ägg-Tväl Swedish egg white soap for my face. it's about as great as it is unpronounceable. kind of works like the classic egg white treatment for cleaning out and tightening pores.
try a sculpting wax or pomade. I've been pretty happy with Bed Head hair wax.
    Bar fight? ;)   Nah - I know what you're talking about. The ever present "they" says to start using under eye creams at around the age of 25-30. I've been using one for a few years - Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream - I noticed results right away.. but that could be because I really wanted to see results. I mean, it's hard to try a lot of different under eye creams because a) they're expensive and b) it's not like you're going to really see results right away.    Re:...
I don't think a toner is really essential unless you have majorly large pores. What a toner really does is puff up the skin around your pores, making your pores appear smaller. Then again, different brands of toner are more or less effective than others - some being more astringent.  The ones that have tons of alcohol in them aren't actually great for your skin - stripping off too much of the moisture can actually lead the skin to produce more oil. if you're moisturizing...
Health officials are changing their minds every other day about what foods are good for you and which ones aren't. I just read an article that said that too many antioxidants might be bad for you... and this after years of shoving acai berries down our throats. So I've come to the conclusion that you should just eat as chemical and pesticide free as possible - since clearly that's not good for you - and avoid processed foods and I think you can't really go wrong. Because...
    Didn't know that was a day - where do all these holidays keep coming from? I have a hard enough time remembering mother's day. Good thing I celebrated German beer day without knowing it with Weihenstephan. Absolute favorite hefeweissen right now.
GlossyBox is coming to the states soon - it's been pretty big in Europe: http://www.glossybox.co.uk/men
I haven't had nearly as much time - not to mention money - to try out all the colognes on this list.  Here are the ones I've gotten a chance to try - some I like more than others:   Hugo Element - fresh and beachy - my perfect summer scent. Hints of ginger and cedar, sea salt.   Givenchy by Givenchy - tangerine and grapefruit with wood notes and a surprising hint of coriander. Makes me want to drink bespoke cocktails.   DKNY Men - another breezy scent;...
    It's the Don Draper meets Hitler youth undercut. Don't worry - I've got the same haircut. I have them use only scissors, since I like to keep the sides a little longer, rather than super close cropped. But if you're going to go to a salon where they only use scissors, go to a good one. I've been going to Vidal Sassoon for years, and I can only recommend the crispness of the cut.
I've been wearing Diesel's Only the Brave for a few weeks now. It's helping me pretend that spring is more like summer than winter. Vanilla, citrus, and amber. Sexy.
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