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I have a navy dress shirt that I sometimes wear going out. Looks much better than black
I grabbed some boxer briefs from Uniqlo. They were cut a lot like my CK trunks, but were noticeably thinner. Still very nice, though
As a native Texan, I wholeheartedly support western-wear. When it fits well, it can be extremely flattering. If western is your style, I don't see why you can't regularly wear it out and about . The cowboy look seems to fit wherever "smart casual" applies.
I'm planning on building my dress shirt wardrobe from the ground up. Soon, I'm going to commission a couple of MTM shirts from my tailor to see how the fit/quality is. But I haven't decided what cloth to go with. Would it be more practical to go with easily found staples that would be slightly more versatile (white spread and blue OCBD) or less common shirts that are harder to find OTR (red microcheck and black/white gingham, perhaps)?
I'm not much of an audiophile, but I have a pair of Grado SR-80i's which I love. I would recommend them if your want to go the over-the-head route
Do wider shoes have larger toeboxes? I tried on a pair of size 10 AE Park Avenues the other day that fit perfectly, except for the toes in the right shoe (my right foot is ever so slightly bigger than my left, so I often have to size up to avoid crushing my pinky toe). Would a 10E fix the problem (there were no nontraditional widths available, so I didn't get to try one on)? Or should I just size up and deal with the extra space?
^Exactly. I feel confident when I am dressed and groomed well, and when I'm not, I feel painfully self aware. And yes, a pleasant demeanor and dressing nicely really does make people treat you noticeably better than usual. In addition, I've noticed that I get way more looks from the fairer sex while looking stylish (which I'd wager is at least partially due to the extra confidence, eh?)
I wear shorts occasionally (yeah yeah, I know). However, a few are more of a "relaxed fit" which flare out at the bottom. Would it be possible to have my tailor taper the leg openings to reduce this? Do you guys think that would improve the problem and create a cleaner look?
I'm thinking of grabbing a pair of slip-on sneakers for casual wear. However, I'm having a hard time deciding whether to go for "true white" or "canvas" (which has a yelllowish tint). I like true white shoes better but I have a feeling that they'll get scuffed up and dirty a week after purchasing them. Thoughts? Would canvas be a easier to care for?
I recently discovered that my tailor outsources MTM clothing to a company called John H Daniel. There are a couple of old topics concerning said company, but they didn't contain too much information and I'd like to see if anyone has recent experience (quality, styling, etc). I am planning on commissioning a blazer, but I'm torn between my tailor (who uses a company I've never heard of) and Thick as Thieves. Any advice?
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