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Yeah I'm pretty much sure I'll be holding on to it, I know I'll never see another in a thrift. It was one of those great moments where I know my eyes got huge when I saw it. Love when that happens.
One find today... One awesome find. [[SPOILER]] A bit torn on whether to keep it and use it or flip it... For now, I'm throwing it in my camera case.
Report from the field.
Not super e-thrift pricing, but $40 for some "worn" Timberlands... [[SPOILER]]
Thanks, I just snarfed diet coke reading that. Lookin good man, glad you were able to find some that fit!
So um yeah, this just happened.
My apologies if that came off a bit snarky... The ties posted are silk knit, and grenadine is a weave. This doesn't help, I know. See these rundowns for a bit more intel-http://thesuitsofjamesbond.com/?p=6http://putthison.com/post/231856100/grenadinenecktieshttp://putthison.com/post/26004569210/we-got-it-for-free-the-knottery-grenadine-and Great display of the differences in grenadine weaves-http://www.samhober.com/grenadine.htm
The Brioni is real, just older, and none of those are grenadine.
I don't think I shared any pictures of this guy when I got it back in October. Amazed at the condition it's in. [[SPOILER]]
There aren't, as far as I recall, resources to check the serials. You just want there to be one.You want to check for 3 things when looking at that brand- Thread knot/noose inside the blade, then on the box where the serial number is, you want the letters to be in all caps, and the background color of the box should be a color appearing in the tie somewhere.
New Posts  All Forums: