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Agreed on clear wax. It'd be a pain, but I figured just adding it for the treatment, then taking it off. Could always just not do that and try oiling the buttons after. Six of one, half dozen of the other in the end.
Eazy, I've got an all white Kiton shirt I intend to try the treatment on (sans the vinegar step to help save the buttons). If you want to hold off I'll give it a try and let you know. After my first successful usage of the treatment, I'm going for it and throwing a Kiton, T&A, and super current EZ formal shirt in the bucket. Re: saving the buttons from etching, you know what I just thought of? Remember those clear crayons that come with Easter egg dying kits, that you use...
So I might have just found a jacket with the other two inches you were looking for… Film at 11.
Re: Foo Fighters talk- Best show I ever thrifted for a crisp Jackson…Small venue secret show. 30 song list. So stoked to find these for my buddy, he's got an extensive bar at home, and has been looking for specialty glasses for various drinks. Already has silver julep cups, copper mule mugs, and now has these. Ralph, are you ok? Saw this and got all  [[SPOILER]]  On the plus side, I found these (tentatively N/A) [[SPOILER]]
Today I also ran into the heartbreak that was finding my first Belvest in a thrift, finding that it was my size, and then seeing probably a couple hundred dollars worth of reweaving work necessary on the sleeves. Freaking navy blue staple SC. Bah humbug.
Some of my current offerings, a whole bunch for you 44R guys!   7 Photos Gorgeous Mens Brioni Blazer Sport Coat Wool Cashmere Herringbone EU50 40 R Italy         Time left:3d 21h leftFriday, 7PM $50.00 0 bids   $135.00 Buy It Now   7 Photos Mens Hickey Freeman Blazer Jacket...
Damn, I bet you have multiples of the tie I'm looking for in trade too.
Pockets be basted, labels be crispy, I'll be damned this thing is minty. Please excuse the quick pics. [[SPOILER]]
 Eazy! Killin it as always. Diggin the post-apocalyptic snow fit. Mentioned this shirt a while back. RLBL with an odd handwritten tag that sits over the brand label...?Reads Sloan sport... which is a Black Label Denim model (also says washed fabric in Italian). Maybe a sample?
How the heck am I supposed to figure out what this is made out of? Tailored for someone (whose name has been removed) and there's no fabric content tags anywhere. Guess it's time to find somewhere to grab some of the fabric and burn it right? Feels like a wool/silk mix.    Also you guys have been killing it lately. 
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