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 Indeed! One of my favorite shirt finds, wish that had been my size, it was so soft.
 Duuuuuude! Glad to see these finally turned out the way you wanted them, well worth the wait and frustration. I need to do something similar to these- Grenson was too busy thinking of Frankenstein's kicks when they made them.
Pretty stoked to find a new pair of shoes for hiking the trails/hitting the tide pools...Had a pair in another colorway that I loved. These are ugly as hell and I dgaf. Never worn, just missing one of the insoles. Pretty stoked to score something super comfortable and minty for $15. VV Trio- Good ol murray shirt in blue and green (mine), and then two thin striped shirts in 2 ply 100's. I haven't seen that from them before. I really enjoy VV shirts as an alternative to the...
PM sent! Haha. I see 48L stuffs!
Dropped by my local shop today and found a few things. Not sure I want to make them available here yet, so unless you really need something you see... Or have something I want in trade... These are decent right? [[SPOILER]] I see all this sweater talk here, so I grabbed this figuring if it's no bueno I can always take it back. Appears to be clean and sans flaws. Feels so so nice. [[SPOILER]]  Passed on some McQueen Pumas that had light wear (but transparent sole rubber...
I know it's probably not the best price I could have collected, but for a shirt with this level of pit stains, I'm pretty stoked to get rid of it at this rate...
What should I call this skeet? Patchwork Afterbirth? [[SPOILER]]
Stupid question, but is it possible to set things so that ebay takes their final value fee out of the total before the money gets sent to my paypal account? I'm assuming things are set up the current way (ebay doing monthly invoices) to allow for returns/issues to be solved. I guess I'm just lazy and would prefer to see the amount in my PP account reflect the final amount after all ebay fees.
Left this behind yesterday, hadn't seen anything like it. USA made, cool details (like the leather pocket buckles/throat latch), but the quality of the denim just wasn't there/wasn't selvedge, it just felt off. Haven't seen this label before- [[SPOILER]] Good pass?
100% this. In the past few months, I've dropped 20 lbs (and falling) without really "trying" per se. No crazy diets or exercise plans, just an overall change in lifestyle. I credit a lot of this to meeting my girlfriend. She's pretty much vegan, but in the best ways possible, and doesn't care if I eat animals or not. I just eat much healthier than I used to, and have managed to cut out all the sweets I just to treat myself to regularly (also I've switched to having soy...
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