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http://necromance.com  Fuck me in the goat ass! Praying that that navy gren is available? 
Lemme know when this happens, I've got a shop for you that will fill all your taxidermy bat needs, walking distance from some other shops you'll be interested in as well.
They just look like buttons stamped with Brioni on the inside… Unless there's something else I'm missing from the picture. Does the button say anything else?
What should we call that, Sulkoni? Brioka?   Only Jordans I've owned to this point (though I wanted plenty that came before this). Closest I could get to a pair of grapes at the time...   Of course I also rocked nightmares like these  It was junior high… That's my excuse. In my college years I was more of a dunk whore than anything.
Today was strange. I've never come across stabs in a thrift and today I saw 2 pairs at different stores. Why didn't we talk about Kiton or shell cordovan? Bonus- I managed find a sweet destroyer jacket with a grey wool body and black nylon sleeves at a resale shop. I put it on hold and am now raiding the closet for trade bait.
Awesome find Nat! On the tool box tip, if anyone finds a cheap Gerstner amidst their travels… Dibs.
Hell yes. Easily the most comfortable shoe I've ever owned from Nike. Wore my black/red/grey pair into the ground, then switched over to an all black w/brown pair that are approaching death currently. I regret not buying some of the brighter colorways before they were gone. Damn you, now I've got an ebay search saved for stabs in 13.
I watched that one after you posted it here, was excited to see it closed higher than when I tuned in. Congrats!
Agreed on clear wax. It'd be a pain, but I figured just adding it for the treatment, then taking it off. Could always just not do that and try oiling the buttons after. Six of one, half dozen of the other in the end.
Eazy, I've got an all white Kiton shirt I intend to try the treatment on (sans the vinegar step to help save the buttons). If you want to hold off I'll give it a try and let you know. After my first successful usage of the treatment, I'm going for it and throwing a Kiton, T&A, and super current EZ formal shirt in the bucket. Re: saving the buttons from etching, you know what I just thought of? Remember those clear crayons that come with Easter egg dying kits, that you use...
New Posts  All Forums: