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@GMMcL = Master of waterfowl, foulard, and what have you.
I raise my glass of tiger blood to you. Yesssss.
Pretty sure there's a bar nearby that caters to them. Wait, that was Self Edge.
I got all excited and then… Those would look like short shorts on me.
By chance are any of you guys Weir1961 on ebay? Figured I'd give it a shot.
Yeah I saw a similar IWC at the Costco out here in Burbank or Los Feliz (I can't recall). A dude and his gf were looking at watches and said something along the lines of "Dopplechronograph? Why would anyone name their company that?"   Been an interesting few days. The local GW had a bunch of suits made for the same guy, all from various makers and various fabrics… I picked up two with the intentions of using one of them as a button donor.I forget, is this anything thingy?...
I suppose you could also think of selvedge like pizza… With the legit ones, there's no question that the edge/crust is actually part of the rest of the denim/pizza. Then you see the others like the stuffed crust/garlic bread crust b.s. that's obviously something added on top of the other crust/made to look like it was part of it (of course the jeans with "normal" stitching were never trying to be something they weren't). Maybe I'm just hungry.
Best I can do is some good carnitas in East LA… Also close to a thrift.
Check this out. Same colorway as mine, but U.S.A. made. My bogglement is high, maybe they did some throw-back colors a few years ago?
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