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Question for you gents since I value your opinions more than those outside this thread...   Grabbed this sweater a few weeks ago, seems like a perfect Thanksgiving sweater. What color shirt would you pair with it? (Reds are less pronounced than in pic).
Eazy = Man of Winter coats. Btw, how's that Etro coming along E?
I Think it's safe to say that that's not newish. Nice!
Yeah just found it. Damn, I dig the all olive version too.
Wtf is dropping at Supreme later today? There's a line down the sidewalk already.
This... Worked incredibly well!   Gentlemen, I'll be responding to all of your messages today. Some may get lucky, and some may be disappointed.
Had a long day of waiting for the apt. maintenance guy to arrive and install a new faucet in the bathroom (property mgmt moves fast when you mention a slow leak/potential mold).   Realized it had been a day since I'd hit the shop, and decided to check out my "home base" gw. Slow day of thrifting netted me: [[SPOILER]]   Then I get a call from the darkest of all matter. "Have to show you something" he says. We meet up and well... This is me, all 6'2 285 lbs of me to be...
Well the exposure is different in those pics but I'd say white. Tonal range just pops better, doesn't (to the viewer's eye) appear to be as contrasty when presented on the white background.
So today... Um... Yeah [[SPOILER]]
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