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Hit up a shop today because I'd heard it was currently 75% off the whole store and picked up that Brooks Bros makers charcoal sport coat in my size I first saw back in mid August at $55. The discount made it a bit more realistic to say the least.   More finds at Marshalls - I think this was $999   This seemed like a decent deal, think it was $199   These are alright, right? $70ish   Overall, stoked that none of this stuff is my size.
Damn you! Well they don't look too wide, probably wouldn't have worked for me anyway.
I dig it too, and it's not like it's this bad Maybe I should wear this for Thanksgiving instead...
I tried explaining to the guys that you bought a star map on Hollywood Blvd. and would be busy till after Christmas... I think they bought it.
Hit up the good Marshall's that I know of in OC. They had 2 of those tweed PRL coats that were posted here the other day, I think they were 46R and 44L. Thoughts raced through my head of getting both and Voltron-ing them into something that'd fit me. Then I snapped out of it (must find some good big guy tweed this fall). 0 panther socks to be had there. They did, however, have some Billy Reid ties for $29 a piece, one of which is still calling my name...  Thrifts have...
  Yeah I saw that you got the socks, was really strange how it tracked them. How do they fit?  
Damn... Yeah the marshalls out here has a sweet unlined tweed jacket right now, I forget for how much... Still too much for me currently but it doesn't matter as they only had up to size 44, story of my life.
This is a lighter weight jacket too, I usually don't need too much warmth to get by around here unless I'm out working for extended periods in cold temps. I can only imagine the lack of a need for jackets in Florida... Just got down there for the first time in March and it was a unique climate to say the least.
Forgot that I never posted pics of this jacket I found a while back that has quickly become one of my favorites. I love the cut of it, I think it's quite slimming with its straight lines. (Excuse the wrinkles, I need to steam it / stop wearing it when I'm working). [[SPOILER]]
Had a feeling I might hear from you on this... Yeah that's what I figured. Thanks!
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