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Just checked tracking and it looks like Santa will be dropping by my victim's place today. Hope he digs.
Wow, totally forgot about Krell. My buddy's father was a lawyer and got paid with something like $18k in Krell gear for a case he worked. When the parents weren't home, we'd crank the shit out of it. Still wonder what happened to that set up when he went to prison...
Picked these up for myself tonight at above thrift prices but still a good price especially considering they're new w/o tags. [[SPOILER]] I may go back tomorrow and swap the above out for these... Keds x Mark McNairy, because they had them in my size as well for the same price.
LA guys been killing it the past few days. This more or less tells me: (Knew I had a good use for one of my LA skyline pics)
He's off finding new time signatures in another dimension. Diggin this performance/video These cats are too cool for school man. Workin the kit in a suit and tie, just enough cuff showing too haha.
Beatles and Stones vinyl, and found near me????  
Saw this today, wondered if anyone recognized it... It was hand numbered I think 19/50, had a name like "Correscape" and the signature looked like Guy Denmmark. No clue though what it's really called/who it's by. A new frame / glass and this thing would make this... well I don't know.   Did pick up some cool books- A tall narrow one called Skyscrapers that has stunning black and white architectural work in it   For the geek in me, a book self-published by Hughes that...
Only grab of the day, and it actually fits me! (with exception of the neck but I'll be working on that). First time seeing CT sea island. Needs the method. [[SPOILER]] Left behind a skeet blanket (needed cleaning... someone might have taken us seriously) and a sorta nice Pink shirt. Paired them up and left them in a different spot, wanted to see if anyone grabbed em while I was there  (nope). Also missed out (doh?) on a pair of Barker's (not blacks). Saw them, looked...
Also found yesterday before the Barbour coat was this vintage LL Bean masterpiece (pretty sure not available, we'll see). If this had said RRL on the inside, I probably would have gotten a month's rent for it. I half expected that I'd need to knife fight my way out of hipsterville with this under my arm, but luckily that was avoided. Weighs a ton, big metal patterned buttons. Better shots when I bring it in from the car (it's raining and well, you know, I might melt...
Marc Ecko Cut & Sew? Huh.
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