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Just pulled a raspberry beret past the security and grabbed it. More details later.
Totally just left it because I didn't think it felt right. It was..... $25. They were closing, I was waiting to hear, they wouldn't hold it. So it's currently sort of hidden.
Anyone here a Barbour expert? Need some in-store assistance. Do these tags look legit? The interior lining- is it supposed to be soft? This isn't as soft as I'd expect, Though it looks like there might be a removable liner that's missing. Help!
Naw this was (I'm pretty sure) low budget, but looks good because everyone involved knew what they were doing and were passionate about the project.   Secret santa gift is all wrapped up and ready to send out. Hope they dig, I managed to hunt down some specific items and tossed in a random thingy too.
Was thinking the same thing but figured I was dreaming.
Big Trouble in Little China. Which if you're a fan of, you'll dig this little thing my friends made... (not animated)
I can think of a small sliver of society that'd consider this a worthy contribution...
It's actually made by a company that makes dive enclosures, so it's not too far from that. It's to eliminate the sound of still photographs (stills) being taken, not video. That way the sound guy won't pick up the sound. So for example, the previous owner of the blimp was probably sitting to the side of the guy filming it, shooting pictures.
So this was by no means a thrift find, but an awesome discount score via the bay. I currently have been using the predecessor to this, made by another company since the beginning of time. Picked her up earlier today... I offered a few hundred less than he was asking in the auction, and he actually accepted. It's only the second one I've seen on the bay since it came out. For reference, here's what both pieces go for at B&H- Blimp & Tube. Now, I don't even own the...
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