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Lang has some sheen to it. Seems pretty even so I'm hoping it's supposed to be this way.
Dries van noten and helmut Lang. Grab these right? Seriously, in store now.
So guys, how bout that trip up the coast?
Wow, apparently there was a sale on clown shoes nationwide.
Dude. Duuuude. I was seriously about to start figuring out what semi-healthy meal I'm cooking up for dinner and you post this. Now I need pizza.   Went to a new (to me) shop today and found these two The green one will for now find its way into my collection, and will act as the anorexic cousin to a similar rlpl tie I saw last year that I wanted badly. The Repp stripe superstar might be a bit trad-y for me, but damn does it feel nice.
Look pretty Churchy to me (the shoes).   Hey the RL gear from Marshalls... What are they priced at now? I saw similar stuff at one a few months ago, wondering if they've moved the prices yet.
Yeah true, on Christmas eve I saw a Rugby shawl collar cardigan at Marshalls. Go figure, must be a regional thing...   Also, this When is an ugly picture frame (of leather and snake skin) not an ugly picture frame? [[SPOILER]]
Anyone e-thrift/discount shop some RL Rugby yet? If so, what did you pick up?   I was mentioning this the last time I was out with DM7, for all the RL gear I've seen / picked up, the RRL, RLPL, PRL, etc, I've only seen one or two Rugby pieces. Guess there's just less of it floating around.
Thanks for the lightning fast reply. Went back to the same shop a few days ago and saw these (an audible wtf came from me upon inspection). Alden on the inside..   Made in Italy on the outside? WTF
I've got to grab something with an R on it from them before they're gone, it's my initial.
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