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I think I recognize that one... Was the semi-unmarked Turnbull and Asser tie (blue and yellow checkers) still there? I bumped into S_allen_P and we wandered into (I think) the store you found that at and I mentioned I was invited to a party at the LA zoo and that tie would have been perfect haha. All the LA stores I've been to in the past few days have been a shit show, totally packed with people and not packed with the goods (though that doesn't seem the case in the...
The million dollar question is, what size Aldens?
Saw these and passed due to some cracks around the toe but I'm still curious what they are... Would have been a fun clean up / resto project.      
LA road trip to San Fran next month? Sounds like no one will be home.
Been slow the past few days. Stores have been packed too... Pick ups-   This is the other moderately desirable Gant (besides the Bastian I found the other day) right? That is, if you call a Gant anything desirable. This shirt is actually really nice, soft for an oxford.   Also snagged this sweet enlargement of a polaroid transfer, a technique I actually like to do myself, so this was a no brainer (especially at 2.99)... Bit creepy, but maybe it'll make for...
This. They were meant to be worn over a SC. The Bedale I found a while back was a size 44 and I (a 50) could just squeeze into it. Not something I could have actually worn comfortably, but I was shocked I could even get it on. Part of the best trade ever for one that does fit me.
Those of you that have seen these Harris Tweeds at Walmart, what's the largest size you've come across?
Look who I found deep in the heart of a non-LA shop This needs to be killed with fire, so naturally I bought it...
More important- What size are they?
Well it was worth a shot. I know how that goes...
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