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Stax you think that's frustrating? Today I saw 2 awesome coats that would fit us... I forget who they were by (I think both Zegna), but one was Loro Piana super 120's I think, the other was Loro Piana cashmere cloud... Former in navy with PINK pinstripes, the latter in solid baby pink, with sick mother of pearl buttons. I cursed at the sky.
WTF is hockey? Wait, that's right, the thing we won last year.
Well if there was ever a tux to splurge on, it's that one. Holy shit that's rad.
Also, that is an epic tie to pair with that shirt. Nicely done sir.   DM7 = My hero, because I know those Aldens just haaaave to be in my size...
  I did, but in message to him haha. Insane.
Dat Aqua
Heeeeeere's Helmut [[SPOILER]] Also measurements on the DVN P2P 20.5, Sleeve 22.75, Length 30...
Funny enough I had already put in messages to two of LA's finest. I was 99.5% sure they were worth grabbing, but figured I'd ask here just in case (these were slightly higher than the usual thrift prices I'm used to paying). Received texts back from both of them at the same time I got the answer here. Had I not taken the time to wait for the answer, I would have never paired up the jacket and pants of the Lang anyway, so it's a good thing.   Now that I'm back...
Just found the pants, complete Helmut Lang suit copped as well as a plaid Dries peak lapel unstructured sc. But damnit, I was looping for Kiton.
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